Chill factor Drinks Bottle

With the warmer weather gradually getting more frequent we all find ourselves heading to the fridge for a nice cold drink. We have a water filter on our fridge but it doesn't make the water ice cold. I have been sent a fab new gadget to have a go of, well the its for the children really but I have been having a go of it to!
The ChillFactor drinks bottle does exactly what it says on the label and makes your drinks ice cold in seconds. Priced at £12.99 and available in pink and blue its already become my summer must have item, my only grumble being is that I have to wait 6 hour between uses to refreeze the water bag.
The drinks bottle has 4 piece the water bag, lid, bottle and stopper. The lid has to options a sip spout and a slurp spout. I prefer the slurp spout as you get more out, I found you had to suck quite hard to get any liquid out of the sipper. Both the lids are spill proof, I have turned it upside down and given it a good shake and not a drop came out.
You have to take the inner water sleeve and place it in the freezer for a around 6 hours to set. Once its set you insert into the cup holder and place the stopper on, add your beverage of choice (not carbonated) and screw the lid on. You will see the colour start to change instantly from pink to purple, give the cup a squeeze and your drink is ready.
The drinks bottle has the capacity to hold 600ml of fluid and you will know when its time to re freeze your pouch as the bottle slowly turns pink again. The drinks bottle is made of really soft silicone so its really nice to hold and gives good grip. Its great for hot summer days and would also be perfect for taking to the gym for a nice cold drink after a work out. 
Thanks For Reading
*I was sent the drink bottle free of charge for an honest review.
  1. Definitely, definitely going to get some of these great for bbqs! Ty for the review x

  2. The spill proof factor is really important - if you don't want to get school bag contents to get really wet!

  3. Sounds really handy - great post!



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