Barbie Rainbow Hair Makeover

When I was little top of my Christmas and Birthday list was always Barbie, I'm 34 now and happily my Daughter has carried on the tradition and loves Barbie to, which means I still get to indulge in my childhood pleasures. Last week I was given the opportunity to try out a Barbie that we don't have yet.
Let your imagination run wild and put a rainbow of colour through Barbies hair with one swipe.
The Rainbow Hair Makeover Barbie is available from Mattel priced at £22.99, she comes with some hair accessories and a rather snazzy outfit. The main part of this set up is the colour cartridge, which looks like a pair of hair straighteners. You slot in the colour block into the holder and use it just like you would straighteners, clamp onto the hair and pull though.
Miss S found it tricky at first as you do need to put some pressure on the clamp to get some colour on the hair, Our first few attempts didn't go right but we soon got he hang of it. Although I must say it is no where near as beautiful as it looks on the box, the colour comes out patchy with bits stuck on it. Miss S didn't seem to mind though and the beauty is you can wash it off and start again.
Miss S loved her bright clothing and as with all Barbie all her clothes and accessories are removable, she also liked the hair accessories and brushing Barbies hair. She has made a nice addition to her collection. She is aimed at older Barbie fans and is a bit of a fashionista with her slightly posed stance and her big hoop earrings. Miss S loves playing with her long shiny hair and she stands out from the crowd with her bright outfit.
Her Rainbow Hair
From a parents perspective the price of £22.99 may seem expensive, but it is Barbie a household name so I think its inline with most character toys. Plus when you weigh up the fact you can wash the hair and colour as much as you like it has longevity. The colour effect doesn't work great either but the concept is there and Miss S doesn't seem to mind and she still loves it. From the child's perspective its bright colourful, fun and can be used time and again, so we think its a winner and give it a big thumbs up.
Miss S certainly loves the Rainbow Hair Barbie
* We were sent the above item free of charge for purposes of an honest review
  1. Couldn't decide whether I should buy it or not, but now I think I will


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