The Wubble Bubble Ball Review

I was very excited when I saw mention of the Wubble Bubble Ball on social media, it looked right up our families street. Miss S especially loves balls and bubbles so I knew she would love it.
The Wubble Bubble ball is a bubbletastic creation that moves like a bubble but plays like a ball. Available in 3 different colours pink, blue and purple and inflate upto 9o centimetres,  priced at £19.99, the pump take 4 D batteries which are not included. You can also buy the ball on its own without the pump for £9.99. The ball is made from a top secret formula that makes it squishy, squashy, lightweight and safe to use. Take a look at their YouTube clip.

The children could not wait to have a go as soon as it arrived, sadly it was raining when it arrived so we inflated it to the size of a basketball so they could have a go indoors safely. You simply insert the nozzle of the pump into the deflated ball, attach the pump and measuring guide and switch on the pump to inflate.
The children had fun throwing it around the lounge for about 10 minutes, Miss S particularly loved how it felt, she is very sensory and loves textures. She was sat on the sofa with the ball and without warning it popped in her face. She had no sharp nails and we couldn't see anything sharp around that could have caused a puncture and caused it to burst. She wasn't hurt but was a little traumatised, she has sensory processing disorder and loud/sudden noises. I contacted the Vivid Press Office and they very kindly sent a replacement ball incase the previous was faulty.
I decided to test it out whilst Miss S was in school so not to traumatise her further and Mr C put it to the test. We inflated it in the garden much larger than we had with the first wubble so we could really put it through its paces and test its durability. This time we got about an hours worth of play time out of it before it again popped. Its very deceiving when you watch the video of it being thrown and squashed and they claim to be durable.
For us the Wubble Bubble Ball just didn't cut the mustard, I wouldn't be happy if I had paid £30 for a set and a replacement and only got just over 1 hours play. Although the play time the children did get from it they enjoyed.
Sadly its a big thumbs down from us.

Thanks For Reading

*We were sent the Wubble Bubble Ball free of charge for the purposes of an honest review.
  1. lovely ready such a honest review.
    ive seen this advertised on tv and my older daughter has asked for one. didn't realise how much they are. don't think I will be buying one.

  2. my friend bought this for her daughter and withing hours it had bust too, she was also very dissapointed in it

  3. great review, its a shame they didn't last long.

  4. Really expensive for what it is. A refreshingly honest review - Natally

  5. Great to read an honest review! Sounds disappointing for the money! Not good that it doesnt last!



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