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I have always been big on dental hygiene, but I have never owned an electric toothbrush! I have recently been sent one from ToiletTree products to try out, which are available to buy from Amazon priced at £39.95.
Delivery was fast after my order was placed and I had my toothbrush within a few days. I was impressed when I opened the box ans saw I also got a bonus travel electric toothbrush, it will be perfect for when I go on holiday in June. Its battery operated so no need to take a charger, its has a nice massaging action but the head doesn't rotate like the toothbrush but its perfect for a week away!
Inside the box you get 2 heads for your electric toothbrush a soft one and one that feels a little firmer, you also get the charging dock. This has a 2 pin plug on it so you will need an adapter to be able to charge it. It is recommended to charge the toothbrush for 24hrs before the first time you use it, this is to acclimatise the battery and ensure you get the best usage out of it.
The head goes on easily just put onto the holder and twist clockwise to lock down and its ready to use. The brush has 2 modes on it clean mode and sensitive mode, after 2 minutes if use it will switch onto sensitive mode. You can re activate clean mode by pressing the button twice. Its recommended that 2 minutes is long enough to brush your teeth properly which is why the mode switches over after 2 minutes, over brushing can cause sore gums. Also if its your first time using an electric toothbrush you may experience slight bleeding gums.
I have been using the electric toothbrush for over a week now and I love the difference it has made to my teeth. They feel so much cleaner, as of yet I haven't had to recharge the toothbrush since its initial charge, so I am really impressed with the battery life! I would urge everyone to go get themselves one and feel the difference yourself, I have already got one on the Birthday list for Dave as hes heard me raving on about how clean my teeth feel! You can grab one yourself from the link at the top of the page priced at £39.95.

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*I received the toothbrush FOC for the purposes of review, all opinions are my own

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