Rant about Automatic Systems!

This week I had a few days alone with the children, Dave went and spent a few days with my Dad to get a bit of a break. While he was away i had to go to the chemist with all 4 of the children to collect Miss S's medication.
Such a simple task, I had pre warned all the children of what would happen, we would go into the shops first to get a few bits and then to the chemist to collect the medication. I have to forewarn them of what expected when we go out to make things run smoothly.

I had popped into the Doctors the previous Thursday to say I wanted to order a repeat prescription, so it would be ready for me to collect on Tuesday before Dave went off to my Dads. I was told they are now using an automated ordering system and all prescriptions have to be ordered from the pharmacy.
I popped next door to the pharmacy and placed the order and was told that it now takes 3 days for prescriptions instead of 2! Wasn't a problem though as she had enough medication for the Tuesday anyway.

Fast forward to Wednesday and we got into the chemist after queuing for 10 minutes behind 4 people all complaining about missing prescriptions. They took my name and headed off to search for my prescription, 10 minutes later, no prescription! Why it took 10 minutes I don't know as the chemist is tiny. A check on the system revealed the prescription wasn't even in the chemist yet! I was told to go next door back to the doctors and ask them for it. The children after 20 minutes of standing around where getting anxious. This wasn't part of the plan as Mr L kept on telling me!

A further 5 minutes queuing at the doctors revealed the prescription was still in the Doctors pile to be signed! I was starting to get a little irritated by now and they allowed me to take the prescription unsigned for the chemist to send back later.

Back to the chemist myself and the 4 children went to join yet another que, who would of thought a Wednesday afternoon would be so busy for people wanting to collect medication. Every person in front of me had the same problem, no medication or mistakes on the prescription.
Mr L and Mr D where starting to meltdown by this stage, which meant people started staring at my apparent lack of parenting skills, wondering why an 11 and 8 year old had the inability to wait quietly! Finally it was my turn they took the prescription and told me it would be an hour! I asked them if they where taking the mickey, they know that the children have autism, we had already been in and out for 40 minutes. They said they would do it right away if we could wait for 5 minutes..........

Another 10 minutes went by and Miss S's name was finally called, yet I didn't see any prescription in the pharmacist hand. She proceeded to tell me they had no melatonin in stock, as it is an expensive medication they only order it as they need it. I completely lost my stack then, after what was now an hour I would be leaving with no prescription as they didn't have any in to give me.
I thanked the pharmacist (sarcastically) when she told me she could have some for 3pm the next day, I explained that this now meant my daughter would not be sleeping tonight. This was met with a blank expression as of course she could do nothing about this, but I really don't think she cared anyway. I think they would be relieved to see the back of myself and my children which by now had all started melting down.

I headed off home with my children and a massive headache, knowing that night I would get no sleep as Miss S wouldn't be medicated. Poor Dave got it in the neck as I rang him to tell him and was so miffed with the situation I ended up shouting at him about it!

I think that the fact that everyone else in there had a problem with the new system shows its having some major teething problems. I get that new systems have their teething problem, but it shouldn't be at the detriment of their customers!

To leave even more of a nasty taste in my mouth the following day when I sent Dave to collect the medication at 4,30 it still wasn't ready. It was still sat unboxed in the back, they even asked him to call back in an hour to collect! Needless to say he told them no and he was home 10 minutes later with the medication and I finally got a good nights sleep and Miss S is much calmer after a good nights sleep.

Why do things have to be changed in the first place? I have a sneaky suspicion is so the Doctors surgery can go digital. Click a computer screen when you arrive, eradicates the need for the Doctors receptionist. I'm all for moving forwards and technological advances but not if it cause as much hassle as this visit did!

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  1. Oh gosh....What a terrible time you've had.
    I would be livid and complaining to someone.....What would have happened if it was a life saving drug and you couldn't just go back the next day. Ridiculous!


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