#MummyandMe - April

I have just discovered a linky that I didn't know existed and have decided to join in. I take lots of photos of myself and the children and Nicola hosts the perfect linky to share them in, so here is my first Mummy and Me post.
Mr D is a tricky one to pin down , he is quite camera shy and I had to beg him for this picture. He was in a particularly good mood this day though as he was on his way to a friends birthday party. I love his cheeky smile!
My biggest boy Mr L, always willing for selfie with his Mum, better make the most of it before he is to cool to have pics with his Mum. Hes off to high school in September and his features are really changing recently. I noticed in this picture how similar we are.
 My youngest baby, although at 4 I am stretching it a bit calling him my baby, which he frequently tells me. Myself and Mr C spent 3 days without the other children this month when we went to Wales with my friend and her 2 little ones. This was took on a windy paddock on the Welsh Mountain Zoo.
Last but not least, my beautiful princess Miss S, look at that cheeky smile! She loves a selfie and this was taken on one of our early morning park trips. She loves to see herself on the screen so taking selfies with her is easy!
Nicola... Life Through My Eyes
  1. Aw, what lovely pictures! I love how each one shows a bit of each child's character! x

  2. All lovely pictures. Thank you for joining in x


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