Little Live Pets Series 2 Butterfly

You may have seen our review last year of Little Live Pets birds, the range also included butterfly's. We have been sent one of the lovely butterfly from the series 2 collection for review from Character Online. The series 2 collection has 5 different butterfly to collect and they are all really bright and colourful and priced at £9.99 each. They are aimed at ages 5+ due to the delicate wings and small parts.
We received the beautiful Frozen Iceland butterfly which is a stunning blue colour and has lots of sparkles all over. If you have a Frozen fan in the house then this Little Live Pet will go down well as the colours are very Frozenesque!
In the box you get your butterfly, a charging doc in the shape of a pretty flower and a holder that sticks to your window. The charge unit requires 2 AA batteries, these are not included and the butterfly will need charging before use.
You charge your butterfly on the flower, you will know its charging as its wings will gently move up and down. When the wings stop moving you will know its ready to play with. The more you play with your butterfly the happier she will be. When she is lonely she will flutter very fast with a jittery movement for about 30 seconds. When she is content you will see her flutter quickly in a random pattern for 40 seconds. When she is happy she will flutter with a medium smooth pace for 50 seconds. Finally when she is joyful she will flutter with a slow pace for about a minute. So see her mood and watch her flutter just place her on your flat palm pf your hand.
You can also place your butterfly in the window holder and watch her flutter and flap just like a real butterfly. It looks really pretty, there is also a butterfly house available to buy where you can store and display your collection of butterfly's. We really like these pretty butterfly and Miss S loves to watch the rythmatic flapping of the butterfly. Pop over to the link above to buy the Frozen Iceland from Character Online.

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*We have been sent the Frozen Iceland butterfly FOC for the purposes of review, all opinions and images are my own.

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