Kano Kit Review

When I saw some tweets about the Kano floating around twitter I was instantly attracted to it. My eldest boy is technology mad and the pull of building and coding your own computer would appeal to him greatly. Mr L was ecstatic when I told him we were getting one to try out.
I was surprised when the box arrived at how small it was, but then I know very little about these types of things! Mr L told me it was because Raspberry Pi are small but powerful!! He couldn't wait to get into the kit and get started.
The Kano Kit retails at £119 and is designed to get people of any age assemble and learn basic code a computer from scratch. The kit contains everything you need apart from a screen but it connects to a normal TV via HDMI cable which is included. You also get Raspberry Pi, a case, wireless keyboard with track pad, WiFi dongle, speaker and all the cables you will need. You also get 2 instruction booklets that tell you exactly how to build and code your Kano, I love the instructions as they are animated rather than just pages of text. Great for Mr L as he has no patience for long rambling instructions.
It took Mr L literally minutes to slot all the pieces together and get it ready to use. Once attached to your screen your ready to go and met with a start screen and various tasks to get it up and running, Mr L needed no help at all, I just sat and watched. It asked him to input certain commands and he was watching a rabbit go down a hole, he was mesmerised by it all.
The keyboard or wireless which is great for Mr L as he can sit in his bed or on the sofa and not worry about his younger sibling tripping over the wire, the keyboard is also Bluetooth enabled so you can use it with other devices! After the intro its the standard thing that need doing such as connecting to your WIFI and installing updates, this took about 15 minutes.
There are a number of pre installed programme for you to use such as pong, Minecraft and snake, Mt L was immediately attracted to Minecraft as he loves it. Its a custom built version of Minecraft and has the ability to custom make blocks. He loved it, I managed to tear him away for it and have a look at the other programme but it wasn't long before he head back to Minecraft.
From a parents point of view I liked that as you progress through games/programme you gain points and gain experience so it makes it fun learning.
The Kano now has pride of place in Mr L's bedroom and is his current go to technology option. It makes a refreshing change to see him using technology to learn rather than aimlessly playing games, the best bit is he doesn't realise he is learning. Its a worthwhile investment if like me you have a child who loves all things technology.

Thanks For Reading
* I was sent the Kano kit free of charge for the purpose of an honest review.

  1. I totally need one of these for me...I mean my nieces! I've now bookmarked this so I can remember about it nearer xmas and then maybe if I'm rich enough by then I can be the coolest aunt around! guessing my wo are a ittle young for one at the moment.


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