Autism - The Signs

One of the most common questions I get asked as the Mother of autistic children is what are the signs to look out for and to be honest I still find it the hardest question to answer. I think it maybe because the signs have all been so different.

Mr L was diagnosed in 2007 at the age of 3, I have always felt something wasn't right with Logan. He was fiercely independent from a young age, hated to be held, hated being outdoors. He would scream all around the supermarket, baby clinic anywhere it was busy. He didn't like to be comforted, would never smile when you tickled him, he actually winced and looked at you like you where crazy. He developed really quickly in all areas apart from speech, he didn't say a word until he was nearly 4. He was referred when he started pre school at 18 months and it took 18 months to get the diagnosis.

Miss S was diagnosed in 2010 at the age of 3, I had concerns about her after her 1st Birthday. It was like someone had switched the light off inside my little girl. She completely regressed to baby stages stopped eating solid food, stopped talking and even stopped walking. She completely went into her own bubble. She hated being in busy or confined spaces and didn't like people very much. She was much calmer and happier when she was in her own home.

Mr D was diagnosed in 2014 at the age of 7, this diagnosis was the one that floored me the most. He was initially referred in 2012 with the view to possibly having ADHD, lots of school visits and home visits ensued, His main issues are not understanding instructions, you have to very clear and short with him. He gets very frustrated and is easily distracted, its a bit like there is a party going on in his head that's more interesting than real life. He has a need for detail and routine.

Mr C is a normal happy boy at home, he chats away and interacts with his siblings. We didn't have any concerns for him. He started school in September 2014 and they immediately reported concerns, as soon as he walks into the school doors he immediately clams up and says nothing at all. He doesn't participate in any group activities, is obsessed with numbers and can read at 4 stages higher than is expected for his age. He hates playtime due to the noise level and also lunch time. He is under the same Doctor as his siblings who thinks he has Aspergers. We should have a paper diagnosis by Christmas.

These are just some of the signs I saw, I hope you find them helpful, I will follow this up next week with a list of signs and symptoms according to other parents and the National Autistic Society.

Thanks For Reading
  1. This was interesting to read as I am too now waiting to find out if my son has ASD

  2. Oh this has made me well up simply because I was hoping we were safe with baby girl, that she has not shown anything yet but I know time is there and things can change. Our eldest is doing well at school but we know he is somewhere on that spectrum, he has SEN support at school. Dylan is obviously our main concern but with Charlotte I feel like I have a child who I will not have to mutter those SEN words to anyone about. If that makes sense? The thought of her regressing like Dylan did makes me so sad :( X x

  3. Hi the one on about Mr D who went for possible ADHD and turned out to be Autism sounds exactly like my son omg would you mind possibly emailing me please so can chat about this if that is OK x


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