5 Life Lessons I want to share with my children

I was tagged by Emma from Emma's Savvy Savings to take part in the 5 Life Lessons meme I want to share with my children. I've had a little bit of a think and I have my 5, so here goes.
  1. Always Save For a Rainy Day                                                                                                              Me and Daddy have never saved, we are terrible at doing it, neither of us are very smart with money. We have been in a few situations where we needed to be saved by family members as we didn't have a nest egg to fall back on. Even if its a £1 a week, it all counts! Luckily we are a better now we have you 4 :)
  2. Actions Always Have Consequences                                                                                               Think before you act and don't be lead astray! Myself and Daddy are both guilty of not thinking before we act and have been led astray by supposed friends. Always think before you act and if the consequences aren't worth it you know not to do it.
  3. Don't be judgmental                                                                                                                         Having children with additional needs means we know how it feels to be judged, its not nice. Thanks to you 4 we are now understanding towards others, if we see a child screaming in the supermarket we don't automatically judge and think oh what a brat! You never know peoples situations, so don't judge.
  4. Work Hard                                                                                                                                            You don't get anything in life handed to you on a plate, if you want something you have to work for it. Hard work reaps rewards.
  5. Your Best Is Always Good Enough                                                                                                         As long as you try your best then your best is good  enough!
What Life Lessons would you like to share with your children? 

I am tagging Vicky from Being Tillys Mummy, Linda from Mother Distracted and Hayley from Shutterflies                                                                           
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Super Busy Mum
  1. Aww that's lovely. Number five is especially important to pass on I think.

  2. Very good lessons; #2 sums them up well; actions definitely have consequences. #MBPW

  3. What a great collection of tips there! Saving is something that I could certainly be better at doing to! Thanks for linking up! #MMWBH

  4. aww thats lovely & fab things to teach kids


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