5 Life Lessons I want to share with my children

I was tagged by Emma from Emma's Savvy Savings to take part in the 5 Life Lessons meme I want to share with my children. I've had a little bit of a think and I have my 5, so here goes.
  1. Always Save For a Rainy Day                                                                                                              Me and Daddy have never saved, we are terrible at doing it, neither of us are very smart with money. We have been in a few situations where we needed to be saved by family members as we didn't have a nest egg to fall back on. Even if its a £1 a week, it all counts! Luckily we are a better now we have you 4 :)
  2. Actions Always Have Consequences                                                                                               Think before you act and don't be lead astray! Myself and Daddy are both guilty of not thinking before we act and have been led astray by supposed friends. Always think before you act and if the consequences aren't worth it you know not to do it.
  3. Don't be judgmental                                                                                                                         Having children with additional needs means we know how it feels to be judged, its not nice. Thanks to you 4 we are now understanding towards others, if we see a child screaming in the supermarket we don't automatically judge and think oh what a brat! You never know peoples situations, so don't judge.
  4. Work Hard                                                                                                                                            You don't get anything in life handed to you on a plate, if you want something you have to work for it. Hard work reaps rewards.
  5. Your Best Is Always Good Enough                                                                                                         As long as you try your best then your best is good  enough!
What Life Lessons would you like to share with your children? 

I am tagging Vicky from Being Tillys Mummy, Linda from Mother Distracted and Hayley from Shutterflies                                                                           
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Super Busy Mum

#SSAmazingAchievements - 29/4/15

It has been a while since I linked up with one of my favourite linkys, but I am well and truly settled in my new blog and happy to be back.
When Miss S started at her specialist ASD school 2 years ago she was completely non verbal. She used a lot of pointing and gesturing to get what she wanted. If she couldn't get your attention that way she would get behind you and push you to where she wanted to go. The great thing about her being in a specialist school is that everything is in one place and she gets intensive interaction every day. Miss S has been having daily speech therapy for the past 2 years and the difference is really starting to show. I recorded this video last week where she reluctantly did some interaction with me.

She has come on so much and using language so much more, she is using nowhere near the same language as your average 7 year old and you cant have a back and to conversation with her. But as with any progress my ASD children make we celebrate it all the same, plus I love hearing her lovely little voice!

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The Wubble Bubble Ball Review

I was very excited when I saw mention of the Wubble Bubble Ball on social media, it looked right up our families street. Miss S especially loves balls and bubbles so I knew she would love it.
The Wubble Bubble ball is a bubbletastic creation that moves like a bubble but plays like a ball. Available in 3 different colours pink, blue and purple and inflate upto 9o centimetres,  priced at £19.99, the pump take 4 D batteries which are not included. You can also buy the ball on its own without the pump for £9.99. The ball is made from a top secret formula that makes it squishy, squashy, lightweight and safe to use. Take a look at their YouTube clip.

The children could not wait to have a go as soon as it arrived, sadly it was raining when it arrived so we inflated it to the size of a basketball so they could have a go indoors safely. You simply insert the nozzle of the pump into the deflated ball, attach the pump and measuring guide and switch on the pump to inflate.
The children had fun throwing it around the lounge for about 10 minutes, Miss S particularly loved how it felt, she is very sensory and loves textures. She was sat on the sofa with the ball and without warning it popped in her face. She had no sharp nails and we couldn't see anything sharp around that could have caused a puncture and caused it to burst. She wasn't hurt but was a little traumatised, she has sensory processing disorder and loud/sudden noises. I contacted the Vivid Press Office and they very kindly sent a replacement ball incase the previous was faulty.
I decided to test it out whilst Miss S was in school so not to traumatise her further and Mr C put it to the test. We inflated it in the garden much larger than we had with the first wubble so we could really put it through its paces and test its durability. This time we got about an hours worth of play time out of it before it again popped. Its very deceiving when you watch the video of it being thrown and squashed and they claim to be durable.
For us the Wubble Bubble Ball just didn't cut the mustard, I wouldn't be happy if I had paid £30 for a set and a replacement and only got just over 1 hours play. Although the play time the children did get from it they enjoyed.
Sadly its a big thumbs down from us.

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*We were sent the Wubble Bubble Ball free of charge for the purposes of an honest review.

#MySundayPhoto - 26/04/2015

This weeks photograph encapsulates my Saturday! This is Miss S finally asleep at 11am after crashing and burning after a 24 hour non sleep party! Looks like today will be much the same as she has been awake since 3am!!
One of the joys of autism parenting.......... NOT!!
Pass the coffee


Shoe Zone Spring Fashion

As a family of 6 we love a bit of good value, which is one of the reason I love Shoe Zone and I have shopped there for a number of years. They always have the most up to date fashions at the fraction of the price.
With the weather getting a little warmer its time to pack away the winter boots and trade them for some nice lighter footwear. Shoe Zone have a lovely selection of Spring/Summer shoes and I have been sent 3 lovely pairs for the children.
For Mr C I chose these lovely Walkright Navy Skull & Crossbone Canvas Pumps, priced at £4.99 (or 2 pairs for £8) they are available from a small 4 right up to a large 3.
I love the navy colour as it goes with some many of Mr C's summer clothes, the 2 Velcro straps are perfect for Mr C to be able to pull them on and off himself without having to worry about laces. The back of the shoe also has a nice layer or padding for extra comfort.
Mr C certainly likes them and hes says they are soft, which I think means they are comfy and if I tell him to go and get some shoes off his shoe shelf they are the ones he goes for first. I think its safe to say he gives them a big thumbs up!
Mr D I knew as soon as I saw them he would LOVE these super cool Despicable Me Denim Canvas Shoes, priced at £12.99, they are available from a small 7 to a large 1.
They are lovely and bright with 2 minions on the side of the shoes, the pale blue trim on the shoe makes to pale denim stand out. Mr D has problems with his motor skills so the fact that these Velcro fasten instead of lace up is a bonus for him. I love the smiley face on the toes of the shoes to.
Mr D really loves them as I knew he would, he says they are really comfy and super cool. The flexible sole means they offer him a little extra comfort as he hates hard shoes.
For Miss S I knew there was only 1 choice the Disney Frozen Denim Pumps, priced at just £12.99 and available in sizes small 1 to large 1.
They have Anna and Elsa on the side, glittery Velcro straps to fasten them with and a cute little design on the toe of the shoe. They are so girly and cute.
Miss S loved them and they go lovely with her Spring wardrobe, the pale denim means they will go with pretty much any outfit.
All the above were sent to me as press samples, but what I didn't realise was that the childrens feet are a different size!! So I had to pop into my local store in Wythenshawe,where the lovely Maz helped me out, the above Minion and Frozen pumps are not in store yet. So she took the one's off me that are too small and ordered me replacements to be delivered to store. She took my number and I got a text message the day they arrived in store, it was a fab service.

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*I was sent the above items FOC for review purposes.

Accessorize Tablet Case from Lazerbuilt

My kindle is always by my side but after a year of use and no case to live in I was concerned about its lifespan. My Mum is always nagging me to get a case for it and an opportunity arouse for me to get a beautiful Accessorize case from Lazerbuilt for review.
Lazerbuilt sell a massive range of cases and holders for all kind of tablets, mobiles and even hand held gaming consoles.
It was the Accessorize range that caught my eye straight away with its bright colours and funky designs. I decided on the Navy Russian Rose folio case available for around £20 on Amazon, its also available in a range of different designs.
The inside of the folio case is really soft so it wont scratch the screen of your device. Your device fits into the unique stretch grip. You simply pull either side and slot your device in and it doesn't impede your view of the screen at all. Thanks to the universal grip this case is also compatible with Galazy Tab 7.0, Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Note 8, Ipad mini, Blackberry Playbook, Nook HD Tablet, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD. 
On the side of the case there is 2 small Velcro strips, this enables the tablet to stand up in its case, this is a perfect angel for watching Netflix and surfing the web. There is a lovely bright pink elasticated strap on the outside of the case, this keeps the case closed when not in use.
The case has a lovely soft feel to it and is really comfortable in your hand. I really love it and I am sure my kindle is glad to have a pretty looking home. It has been dropped a few times since I got it and the kindle has stayed within the grips in the case, so its safe to say the grip technology works well.
If you have a tablet or device that is no bigger than 8 inches this is definitely the case for you. Its worth the £20 spend as its top quality and look at it, its so pretty.

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*I was sent the above case FOC for the purpose of review.

Autism - The Signs

One of the most common questions I get asked as the Mother of autistic children is what are the signs to look out for and to be honest I still find it the hardest question to answer. I think it maybe because the signs have all been so different.

Mr L was diagnosed in 2007 at the age of 3, I have always felt something wasn't right with Logan. He was fiercely independent from a young age, hated to be held, hated being outdoors. He would scream all around the supermarket, baby clinic anywhere it was busy. He didn't like to be comforted, would never smile when you tickled him, he actually winced and looked at you like you where crazy. He developed really quickly in all areas apart from speech, he didn't say a word until he was nearly 4. He was referred when he started pre school at 18 months and it took 18 months to get the diagnosis.

Miss S was diagnosed in 2010 at the age of 3, I had concerns about her after her 1st Birthday. It was like someone had switched the light off inside my little girl. She completely regressed to baby stages stopped eating solid food, stopped talking and even stopped walking. She completely went into her own bubble. She hated being in busy or confined spaces and didn't like people very much. She was much calmer and happier when she was in her own home.

Mr D was diagnosed in 2014 at the age of 7, this diagnosis was the one that floored me the most. He was initially referred in 2012 with the view to possibly having ADHD, lots of school visits and home visits ensued, His main issues are not understanding instructions, you have to very clear and short with him. He gets very frustrated and is easily distracted, its a bit like there is a party going on in his head that's more interesting than real life. He has a need for detail and routine.

Mr C is a normal happy boy at home, he chats away and interacts with his siblings. We didn't have any concerns for him. He started school in September 2014 and they immediately reported concerns, as soon as he walks into the school doors he immediately clams up and says nothing at all. He doesn't participate in any group activities, is obsessed with numbers and can read at 4 stages higher than is expected for his age. He hates playtime due to the noise level and also lunch time. He is under the same Doctor as his siblings who thinks he has Aspergers. We should have a paper diagnosis by Christmas.

These are just some of the signs I saw, I hope you find them helpful, I will follow this up next week with a list of signs and symptoms according to other parents and the National Autistic Society.

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Banana Cake Recipe

My gang love banana cake, its a sneaky way to get a bit of fruit into Miss S, her fruit intake is very limited as is most of her diet. So we usually whip up a batch about once a week, I love that there so versatile and you can top them with anything you like.

140g of self raising flour
140g caster sugar
140g softened butter
2 large eggs
2 ripe bananas
1 teaspoon baking powder

Pre heat oven to 180c
Cream the butter and sugar together until soft and fluffy
Add the flour, eggs, baking powder and banana and mix into a batter
Line a cake tin with cake cases, or get your little ones to help
Divide the mixture into the cake cases and the remainder into a greased cake tin of silicone mould
Bake in the oven for 15/20 minutes
Leave to cool and decorate with icing, chocolate or just dust with icing sugar

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Little Live Pets Series 2 Butterfly

You may have seen our review last year of Little Live Pets birds, the range also included butterfly's. We have been sent one of the lovely butterfly from the series 2 collection for review from Character Online. The series 2 collection has 5 different butterfly to collect and they are all really bright and colourful and priced at £9.99 each. They are aimed at ages 5+ due to the delicate wings and small parts.
We received the beautiful Frozen Iceland butterfly which is a stunning blue colour and has lots of sparkles all over. If you have a Frozen fan in the house then this Little Live Pet will go down well as the colours are very Frozenesque!
In the box you get your butterfly, a charging doc in the shape of a pretty flower and a holder that sticks to your window. The charge unit requires 2 AA batteries, these are not included and the butterfly will need charging before use.
You charge your butterfly on the flower, you will know its charging as its wings will gently move up and down. When the wings stop moving you will know its ready to play with. The more you play with your butterfly the happier she will be. When she is lonely she will flutter very fast with a jittery movement for about 30 seconds. When she is content you will see her flutter quickly in a random pattern for 40 seconds. When she is happy she will flutter with a medium smooth pace for 50 seconds. Finally when she is joyful she will flutter with a slow pace for about a minute. So see her mood and watch her flutter just place her on your flat palm pf your hand.
You can also place your butterfly in the window holder and watch her flutter and flap just like a real butterfly. It looks really pretty, there is also a butterfly house available to buy where you can store and display your collection of butterfly's. We really like these pretty butterfly and Miss S loves to watch the rythmatic flapping of the butterfly. Pop over to the link above to buy the Frozen Iceland from Character Online.

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*We have been sent the Frozen Iceland butterfly FOC for the purposes of review, all opinions and images are my own.

The Grace from Mia Tui

Mia Tui was created in 2010 by Charlotte a Mum of 2 who had spent years searching for the perfect bag. She created Mia Tui the busy woman's best friend that is stylish yet practical at the same time. Mia Tui was created in Vietnam a place Charlotte lived for 3 years, she spent hours in the factory ensuring there was a good working environment. Mia Tui are proud that their people come before anything else, and that's where the quality starts in the hands of their happy craftsmen and women. No matter if your a busy gym bunny Mummy, a working Mum or a Stay at home Mum with a full on schedule there will be a Mia Tui to suit your lifestyle.
I had a bit of a job on my hands deciding which Mia Tui I would like to try out. I don't normally use a handbag but when I am out with the children I usually have a bag for life slung over the handles of Skye's mobility push chair. I needed something with a decent size as I have to take Skye's things out with me. She has specialist continence nappies that are quite large so a small bag just wouldn't do, I spoke with Mia Tui and they recommended the Grace bag and after looking at it I agreed this would be perfect.
The Grace bag retails for £45 and is available in 8 stunning colours (it is only £39.99 in the chocolate colourway) Inside the bag there is also 2 other little bags, a clear PVC bag perfect for makeup or even to use as a wet bag. There is also a small clutch bag which is ideal for your purse and keys so you don't have to dig around your bag for them. The thing I love most about the Grace is that it comes with 2 straps, a long one for using a cross body satchel and a short on for wearing just on your shoulder.
The top of the bag zip closes which is a good security option for when out and about, I have had a few bags that only press stud close and prefer the zip option. There is a small zip compartment on the bag of the bag also if you want to put anything handy in there. The internal of the bag is a beautiful vivid pink colour and there are some fab features inside the bag also.
  1. Insulated bottle pocket
  2. Pen and mobile phone holder
  3. large pocket on either side 
  4. Elasticated key holder (LOVE this no more digging around for my keys!!)
I have used the bag daily since I got it and I honestly love it, the leather is really soft and it looks really stylish. I have used it when out and about with the children and also when I have gone out on my own. I have packed it up with kid and Mum essentials to show you what I got inside.
My essentials when I go out for the day include my kindle, purse, phone, makeup bag, brush, deodorant, hand cream and charger. My little haul fitted into the bag with masses of room to spare, which is handy as I always come home with more than I took out. Usually blind bags and kinder eggs for the children. I have a 15-inch laptop and it was just an inch too big to fit in, so if you have a smaller one it will fit in easily.
Miss S had a doctors appointment so I knew we would be out for a few hours when you incorporated travelling on the bus. I managed to get in a few nappies, wipes, brush, bobbles and phone. I also had her medical file in there too. There is bags of room left I could have easily fitted in around 6 of her specialist nappies and even a change of clothing.
I am really impressed with the bag, its great quality has lots of space and is ideal for a busy Mum of 4 like myself. I like that I can use it as a change bag and also as a handbag when I've not got the children. I think its definitely worth the investment as you can use for anything. You can see the other bags in the Mia Tui range by clicking the link at the top of the page.

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*I was sent the Mia Tui bag FOC for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own.

Rant about Automatic Systems!

This week I had a few days alone with the children, Dave went and spent a few days with my Dad to get a bit of a break. While he was away i had to go to the chemist with all 4 of the children to collect Miss S's medication.
Such a simple task, I had pre warned all the children of what would happen, we would go into the shops first to get a few bits and then to the chemist to collect the medication. I have to forewarn them of what expected when we go out to make things run smoothly.

I had popped into the Doctors the previous Thursday to say I wanted to order a repeat prescription, so it would be ready for me to collect on Tuesday before Dave went off to my Dads. I was told they are now using an automated ordering system and all prescriptions have to be ordered from the pharmacy.
I popped next door to the pharmacy and placed the order and was told that it now takes 3 days for prescriptions instead of 2! Wasn't a problem though as she had enough medication for the Tuesday anyway.

Fast forward to Wednesday and we got into the chemist after queuing for 10 minutes behind 4 people all complaining about missing prescriptions. They took my name and headed off to search for my prescription, 10 minutes later, no prescription! Why it took 10 minutes I don't know as the chemist is tiny. A check on the system revealed the prescription wasn't even in the chemist yet! I was told to go next door back to the doctors and ask them for it. The children after 20 minutes of standing around where getting anxious. This wasn't part of the plan as Mr L kept on telling me!

A further 5 minutes queuing at the doctors revealed the prescription was still in the Doctors pile to be signed! I was starting to get a little irritated by now and they allowed me to take the prescription unsigned for the chemist to send back later.

Back to the chemist myself and the 4 children went to join yet another que, who would of thought a Wednesday afternoon would be so busy for people wanting to collect medication. Every person in front of me had the same problem, no medication or mistakes on the prescription.
Mr L and Mr D where starting to meltdown by this stage, which meant people started staring at my apparent lack of parenting skills, wondering why an 11 and 8 year old had the inability to wait quietly! Finally it was my turn they took the prescription and told me it would be an hour! I asked them if they where taking the mickey, they know that the children have autism, we had already been in and out for 40 minutes. They said they would do it right away if we could wait for 5 minutes..........

Another 10 minutes went by and Miss S's name was finally called, yet I didn't see any prescription in the pharmacist hand. She proceeded to tell me they had no melatonin in stock, as it is an expensive medication they only order it as they need it. I completely lost my stack then, after what was now an hour I would be leaving with no prescription as they didn't have any in to give me.
I thanked the pharmacist (sarcastically) when she told me she could have some for 3pm the next day, I explained that this now meant my daughter would not be sleeping tonight. This was met with a blank expression as of course she could do nothing about this, but I really don't think she cared anyway. I think they would be relieved to see the back of myself and my children which by now had all started melting down.

I headed off home with my children and a massive headache, knowing that night I would get no sleep as Miss S wouldn't be medicated. Poor Dave got it in the neck as I rang him to tell him and was so miffed with the situation I ended up shouting at him about it!

I think that the fact that everyone else in there had a problem with the new system shows its having some major teething problems. I get that new systems have their teething problem, but it shouldn't be at the detriment of their customers!

To leave even more of a nasty taste in my mouth the following day when I sent Dave to collect the medication at 4,30 it still wasn't ready. It was still sat unboxed in the back, they even asked him to call back in an hour to collect! Needless to say he told them no and he was home 10 minutes later with the medication and I finally got a good nights sleep and Miss S is much calmer after a good nights sleep.

Why do things have to be changed in the first place? I have a sneaky suspicion is so the Doctors surgery can go digital. Click a computer screen when you arrive, eradicates the need for the Doctors receptionist. I'm all for moving forwards and technological advances but not if it cause as much hassle as this visit did!

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Degustabox March

A Degustabox is a subscription food box that arrives at your home a the end of each month containing between 9-14 surprises food items. The boxes cost £12.99 and the retail value of the products inside always cost more than the box price. Take a look at my unboxing video.

I love getting my Degustabox each month and seeing whats inside and I always love the products, its given me the opportunity to try some brands I have never heard of. This months box as you can see is full of lovely goodies with it being Easter!
Kents Kitchen Posh Noodles - Spicy Szechuan - £1.75. These are perfect for my tin cupboard, I love noodles and who wants to eat boring chicken all the time.
BBQUE - Barbeque Sauce - £3.99. This Bavarian sauce is amazing and available in 4 flavours, we got the original and its gone down a storm!
Natvia - Artificial Sweetener - £2.00. I have sweetener in my coffee and have used the same brad for years. This comes in slightly more expensive and with less servings so probably wouldn't buy it, but it tasted lovely in my coffee.
Crabbies - Black Cherry and Raspeberry & Rhubarb - £1.50 each. Disappointing to see these again. I don't mind repeat brands in my box but I do hate repeat products, its not a surprise if you have had it before.
JuiceBurst - Cranberry and Mango & Lime - £1.25 each. I love fresh juice and always have some in the fridge. Cranberry is one of my favourite flavours and I was happy to see mango & lime as I haven't tried it before.
Jordans - Raspberry & Blueberry Granola - £3.69. I love granola and this one is really tasty! The blueberry and raspberry go so well together, amazing with ice cold milk.
Brioche Pasquier - Baked Bread Bites - 50p. I love a sprinkling of croutons in my salad and these are really tasty. They don't smell to strong either, will buy these again!
Maynards - Sour Patch Kids - £1. The children love love love these, but I must admit I was utterly shocked to see the sugar content of these. OK as an occasional treat.
Lindt - Assorted Mini Eggs - £2.00. I love smooth creamy Lindt chocolate and this bag was heaven, a mix of milk, dark and white chocolate.
Bassetts - Jelly Babies - £1. These berry mix jelly babies went down a storm with the children! I managed to sneak a few to :)

This is one of my favourite Degustabox deliveries, who doesn't love some goodies at Easter! I'm sure by next month we will all be sick of sweeties and looking forward to a box full of cooking ingredients.

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*I was sent the above item FOC for the purposes of review, all opinions are my own.

Serenata Hampers Review & Giveaway

A few weeks a go Serenata got in touch asking if we would like to run a review and giveaway on the blog. I of course said yes and was set the task of  deciding which lovely item I wanted to review. Serenata are most know for their lovely flowers, but also offer a range of lovely hampers, I opted for the Tantalising Treats Hamper priced at £39.99, with a bottle of chardonnay wine, chocolate and sweets what more could you want.
The first item I laid eyes on where 2 KC Choclatiers bars, one caramel & hazelnut cream and one crunchy hazelnut. Both are lovely and creamy and really rich tasting a proper treat. I love a nice but of fudge and have never tried salted caramel flavour, i really enjoyed it. The box of chocolate are a lovely touch, I have yet to give them a try but they look really tasty.
The rhubarb and custard sweets where amazing, the best I have tried I will definitely be hunting this brand down to try again. The children where happy to see the yogurt covered peanuts and raisins as they love them. The tub didn't last long between the 4 of them. I have the wine chilling in the fridge for myself and Dave to enjoy when they are all tucked up in bed :)

As I said the hamper retails at £40 and its a nice selection of high quality products you get for your money. It would make a lovely gift for someone. With that in mind Serenata have offered me another hamper to give away to one of my lucky readers. For your chance to win fill out the widget below and take a moment to read the terms and conditions before entering.

Terms & Conditions

  • This giveaway is open to UK & Ireland Residents Only
  • The first entry is mandatory and must be completed to validate your entry. All other entries are optional.
  • All entries will be validated before the draw and ALL invalid entries disqualified.
  • The winner will be chosen at random via the widget
  • The winner will be contacted within 3 days of the giveaway closing, they will then have 14 days in which to respond. If they do not respond within 14 days their win will become void and a new winner selected.
  • Your details will not be passed by me to any third parties.
  • The Company are responsible for sending the prize, this can take up to 28 days.
  • Any damaged/missing prizes are not my responsibility, but I will do my best to resolve with the   company.
  • The company reserves the right to substitute the prize for one of similar value in the event that the original not being available.
  • Only one entry per household/i.p address
  • Entries using software or automated process to make bulk entries will be disqualified.
  • Giveaway will close Midnight Sunday 10th May 2015

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    Disney Princess Palace Pets

    Miss S is a huge Disney Palace Pets fan and its her favourite app on the tablet at the moment and I knew she would love these new walking and wiggling figures, she already has some of the glitter pets and adores them.
    She has been sent one of the new walking and wiggling palace pets to try out from Character Online priced at £9.99.
    Enter the magical realm of the Palace Pets, a world of lovable animals who adore spending time with their favourite Disney Princesses. These sweet pets are all different but each one loves to be pampered, cuddled and cared for. We have been sent Pumpkin shes so pretty and sparkly!
    We have already reviewed some of the Palace Pets but this one has an exciting feature, when you out her on the ground and pull her backwards she glides off wiggling as she walks. Her beautiful fluffy tail swishes as she goes. Miss S is really in love with her!
    Miss S loves sensory things so she really loved Pumpkins fluffy tail and spent ages touching it, she loved watching it zoom around the lounge and easily was able to pull it back herself. Pumpkin also comes with a removable shiny crown on her head and a miniature hairbrush for combing her beautiful tail.
    You can grab your very own Pumpkin here for only £9.99 or you can get yourself Treasure if your little one loves all things pink! Also in the Palace Pets range are the Furry Tail Friends priced at only £5.99, so perfect pocket money toys. Head on over to the link and check out the cute Disney Palace Pets range from Character Online.

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    *We have been sent the Palace Pets figure FOC for the purposes of this review, all opinions however are our own.

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