Welcome to Raising The Rainbows

There are somethings in life you just cant put down, I have tried twice now to do so and always find myself picking it back up again. Life has been a bit of a rollercoaster recently and I haven't rode it very well if I'm honest. But as with everything in life a change is as good as a rest and I like a new challenge................ So say to Hello Raising The Rainbows.

Why Raising The Rainbows?
Well Autism is a spectrum condition and if you have met 1 person with autism then you have met just 1 person with autism. Each one is so wonderfully different, just like my 4 children. a spectrum of colour. The blog will undoubtedly follow the ups and downs of our family life, with 1 on the diagnosis trail and 1 due to branch out into high school in September it maybe a bumpy ride.

I recently helped my Big Brother set his new blog up Daddy's In The House and he persuaded me to restart a blog and help him on his journey, so go and check him out!

So if you know me already from Life With ASD and Me, Hi I'm back and if you don't Welcome, looking forward to our new journey!

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