The Importance of Self Care

As a parent self care is important, it is even more so important when you are the parent of 3 children with additional needs. For the past 8 weeks we have been going to a course called Riding The Rapids, which is all about behaviour management. But in order to cope with challenging behaviour you need to be making sure you are taking care of yourself.

It is sometimes easier said than done to get some you time when you are parent to 4 children, but what the course has taught us is that it doesn't have to be about going out and doing something, it can just be doing something you enjoy and that doesn't involve the children. Part of our homework for each week is to schedule in some self care.

Last Sunday was our 13 year anniversary, but being a Sunday meant we had no time to celebrate, Sundays are all about routine and preparation for the return to school after the weekend. So we had arranged for my Mum to come and look after the children for the night on Thursday. We booked in to the local Travelodge which is attached to an entertainment complex. Its where we always go for a night away from the children.
We had a lovely meal, a meal that we could chat over, take out time and most importantly eat whilst it was hot!! Meal times tend to pass in a blur of routine and you find yourself eating on auto pilot, whilst checking everyone else is eating to. We then went over the the pub we have been visiting for the past 8 years, its a really relaxed atmosphere and usually quiet. Since our last visit they introduced a curry night and it was rather busy, but we manged to find a table in a quiet corner and hit the cocktails.
Now at home we are usually ready for bed by 10pm (rock and roll I know) but being away from the children and relaxing we hoped to stay out longer. A combination of alcohol and a 6am get up for school run saw me yawning by 10pm. I think Dave could of gone a few more hours thanks to the vodka and energy drink cocktails he was drinking! By 10.10pm we were doing the early walk of shame out of the pub, to add insult to injury that we are light weights as we left a pair of pensioners were just coming in to start their night! 
Within 30 minutes of being back in the hotel I was snoring! Poor Dave I wasn't much company, he dint mind, I don't think lol
We had an epic lie in the next morning thanks to the 12pm check out, if I'm honest this was the best bit as 6am get ups are a little taxing on the soul, especially when 2 of the children seem to suffer from insomnia!
We headed home refreshed and ready to take on the challenges our 3 ASD children throw at us daily, little did we know it was a much needed break as a storm was about to hit, but that's for the next post.......

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  1. can appreciate how difficult life can be - also have three kids on the spectrum and time out is difficult

  2. Definitely understand this - nice to have some time to yourself!

  3. Very important to have some time to yourself

  4. sounds like you had a good night :)


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