Schleich Mini Dinosaurs

Schleich make some of the best imaginative play toys in the business, each one so beautifully crafted and full of detail. With a range that consist of figures from fantasy to farm yard there is sure to be some Schleich for your child.
Brand new for this year is a collection to delight any dinosaur fan! The new collection of 10 dinosaurs priced at only £2.99 are ideal pocket money toys. We have been sent 6 of these stunning looking figures for the children to have a look at.
From a parent perspective for the price I really couldn't believe the intricate detail on all 6 of these figures. Every single textured detail is perfect and really good quality. From a child's point of view they look really life like and are the perfect toy for some fun imaginative and role play activities. As a parent of children on the autistic spectrum these are the types of play we like to encourage the most to aide the children further development.
The Pentaceratops with its 5 horns and powerful neck shield was a relative of the Triceratops, it has probably the largest skull of all land dwelling animals. Mr D loved the detail on his horns.
Thanks to its distinctive tail spikes and plated back the Stegosaurus is one of the most famous dinosaurs.
The Saichania was up to 7 metres long and a herbivore. Its body was completely armoured and it had a thorn like excrescences at the end of its tail to defend himself from attacks. This was a dinosaur the children have never heard of, so they were straight on google to find out more about him.
The Triceratops had a man sized skull with 2 large and 1 small horn and a huge ruff. It was thought that they could easily defend themselves against predators.
The Tyrannosaurus was a massive 13 metres long was a 2 legged carnivorous dinosaur, he had a powerful skull and teeth that were nearly 20 centimetres long.
The Velociraptor hunted in packs and were only 70 centimetres long, although only 60 centimetres tall they could move at around 65kmph.
Mr C took a shine to these fab dinosaurs and immediately started making dinosaur noises whilst playing with them. He was very interested in knowing what all their names were and which one was George's (from Peppa Pig) dinosaur. I told him it was the Velociraptor as its the one that looks most like George's dinosaur.

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*We were sent the above items FOC for the purposes of review, all opinions are our own.

  1. My boys are dinosaur crazy, they would love these figures the detail is exceptional.

  2. Thanks for the review, these look fantastic and I can't believe something so well made is so cheap too.

  3. It seems all kids are interested in dinosaurs. These models are fantastic and encourage play as well as further interest for older kids. Would be good for a school project.

  4. My son would love these - they look great!


  5. My daughter loves dinosaurs and is just getting into them, these look fab!


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