On The Crest Of a Hormone Wave

These past few weeks with Mr L have been a bit of a nightmare to say the least, he turned 11 in January and I knew puberty would be around the corner. I just didn't know it would come so soon and so ferociously.
Aside from little niggles Mr L copes extremely well in mainstream school and is always praised by his teachers and peers. In the last 3 weeks he has been excluded from school twice, being rude, arrogant and generally badly behaved.
He also seems to be saying thinks purely for shock value, he told his TA last week that he wanted to join the KKK! He recently covered American history in school and decided to retain this piece of information. The school on the whole are extremely understanding of Logan and know he says and does things on a reaction basis. He has took it to far on 2 occasion now and been physical with staff which has seen him excluded.

Its so sad and frustrating to see my normally gentle and kind boy acting this way, he is normally considerate of people feelings. He just seems not to give a toss about nobody at the moment, not even us! It also cant help think about what that school think about him acting this way and making judgments on our parenting, I'm sure they aren't but it does go through your mind. He made us feel like the worst parents in the world last week when he was excluded for the second time. He refused to leave the heads office with us and said he didn't want to come home with us! He started saying he hates his home and wants to live at school. His head just seems to be full of ridiculousness. I remember reading up and Autism and Puberty and thinking it cant be that bad but its turned my biy into a whole heap of confusion. He is stressed about SAT's, worried about moving schools, anxious about having 5 different TA's a day in his new school and on top of that hes sprouting hair and has hormones pumping through his body. When hes not angry and irate he looks so sad, he used to love reading and all he wants to do now is sit and play his PSP or watch YouTube. The latter he has been banned from as its hard for us to govern what he watches! Hes not happy about it but I don't know enough about YouTube to know if they have parental controls. He will get it over it though.

We are just hoping that his mood levels out and he doesn't escalate any further, the next few months are going to be tough for him with SAT's and transition into his new school. I'm hoping we all manage to get through it together without driving each other mad!

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