Easter With Lindt

I always look forward to Easter, I mean who doesn't love chocolate? But for me Easter isn't Easter until you have had a Lindt Bunny. This year I am very lucky as Lindt have sent me one of their yummy bunnys and a lovely Gold Bunny Story book. These are just 2 of a great range of Easter goodies available online from the Lindt Shop, with free delivery on orders over £40, head over now though as there are some fab deals!
The story of the gold bunny tells a mini tale of bunny running through the meadow playing with his friends chick and lamb. Hidden inside are 3 gold bunnies, 2 chicks, 2 lambs, 3 large eggs and 5 smalls eggs, which isn't bad going for the rrp of £4.87.
The delicious treats are hidden behind 11 different doors, so you could use it as a count down to Easter, a bit like a chocolate advent calendar you get at Christmas. I would have loved this as a child, we constantly bugged my Mum as to when Easter was so I would of loved to use it for that purpose, but for the purposes of review we just had to open and eat it before Easter, I mean you want to know how delicious they are right?
Mr C was the first to delve in and hunt for the golden bunny, he loved searching for him and eating some yummy treats on the way. He really liked the chick and lamb chocolates and asked if they do bigger ones like the big bunny. I think the boy maybe in to something :) I managed to hide the big golden bunny until the older kids got back from school. They where really pleased to get in on the Lindy chocolate action and loved sharing the creamy chocolate. Have you tried Lindt? Do you love it to?

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*We were sent the above items FOC for the purposes of review, all opinions are my own.

  1. I don't think I would be able to resist it until Easter lol :D

  2. You really can't beat Lindt chocolate!

  3. We always buy the girls a big Lindt bunny and hide it in the garden with their easter eggs. They think it's the best thing ever :)

  4. We love Lindt chocolate in this house, we always hide a big Lindt Easter bunny for our 3 girls in the garden with their easter eggs :) They think it's the best thing ever :)

  5. Love lindt chocolate! Used to always get the lindt bears for xmas!



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