Easter with Aldi

I love a good bargain and I have heard about the fab Easter bargains at Aldi from some of my friends that shop there. I have worked with Aldi a number of times on my old blog and they sent me some vouchers so I could pop down to my local Aldi and get some Easter goodies to try out.
The selection of goodies available is quite large in my local Aldi and I was really spoilt for choice, I was hit with the choices as soon as I walked through the door. I was met my a tower of Choceur Easter bunnies!
Available in milk, white and dark chocolate and priced at 79p they aren't going to break the bank, even if you have 4 children like me :) The chocolate has a really nice thickness to it for the price and Mr D said it tasted delicious.
The adorable beanie bunnies are again only 79p but they come filled with tiny chocolate smarties inside. Mr C really liked this even if he did drop the smarties all over Mummy's floor and spent the next hour picking them up :)
The jelly jumble egg is a large chocolate egg wrapped in shiny gold foil, you also get a big bag f sweeties inside the box! I like that unlike other Easter eggs the sweets are outside of the chocolate egg. 
The dairyfine milk chocolate egg with buttons is another egg that comes in at only 89p. The same as the jelly jumble egg the yummy chocolate buttons are not inside the eggs and just in the box. I really like this as it means you don't need to smash the egg open if you want the buttons first.
These are just some of the delicious range for the little ones, so lets get right on the the good stuff! The yummy chocolate for the grown ups......
I absolutely love the Moser Roth chocolate that Aldi sell, so when I saw the Moser Roth Easter eggs I knew I needed to add it to my trolley! These luxury eggs are priced at £2.99 each and come in 4 flavours. I went for the fabulous fudge, this yummy hollow milk chocolate is perfected with some yummy dark chocolate drops and chunky fudge pieces. 
Another egg for the adults is the Choceur Secrets Easter egg is pried at £2.99 and is really thick and chunky chocolate. Now Aldi obviously realised it was so chunky that even the biggest chocoholic couldn't eat both sides at once! So they wrapped each side individually so you don't have to attempt to re wrap it when you have had enough :) When you open the egg you also get 10 yummy continental chocolates inside. 
We also got some of the yummy luxury hot cross buns to try, but we forgot to take a picture as they were so yummy we ate them all before I had the chance to photograph them!! 

We have had a lovely early Easter treat thanks to being able to try all these lovely Aldi treats and if you are looking for fab quality and good value get yourself to Aldi this Easter.

Thanks For Reading

*I was provided with a voucher to cover the cost of the above items for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.
  1. Those adult eggs look lush - LOVE chunky chocolate and wrapping up each side is genius. The white choccy bunny looks great too for the little one. Hmm must pay a visit!

  2. What a lovely selection of Easter goodies, I know where I'm going shopping tomorrow!

  3. I feel like Aldi has saved my life!!!

  4. Aldi always do great Easter gifts & they are so cheap.I like the look of the egg with the chocolates in.


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