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Yesterday I was really excited to be invited to attend a bloggers breakfast at the Corrie Tour, I'm a Manchester girl born an bred and have been raised on a tv diet of the famous cobbles.  It wasn't my first trip down the cobbles, I was a regular visitor as a child to now closed Granada Studio Tour and I was excited to see how the whole set up had changed.
We started our day in the Rovers for our exclusive bloggers breakfast, we got all cosy with a coffee and a bacon butty. It was pretty surreal sat in front of the fire munching on my bacon barm and its really small compared to how it seems on the big scree, our tour guide explained how they unclip all the walls for filming purposes.
Normally whilst on your 50 minute tour you cannot go behind the dressed set signs, but lucky for us we could get up close and personal to all the sets and props and were free to take photos touch as much as we liked. New to the tour is the fabulous Rita's Kabin set in all its glory, complete with real sweets!
Photo Credit Daddy's In The House
After we had free roam of the sets we went on the guided tour that paying customers would experience, I loved all the info the great tour guide gave us about the sets. After the set tour we headed into the green room and saw the graffiti wall signed by cast members who have visited the tour.
After wandering down the corridors lined with photographs and dressing rooms we went into wardrobe and make up. Seeing some of the most famous costumes on the street up close was fab! We then sat down to watch clips of Coronation Street through the years, there were lots of familiar scenes and I really enjoyed this part of the tour.
After this part of the tour you are led to the double doors to be let loose onto the Street, as you walk out onto the Street the classic theme tune is playing.
Whilst on the street you can wander down the famous alley ways, go into the Platts back garden, snap your photo in front of the Rovers Return. New for the tour is the opening of Websters Garage and Prima Doner. You are free to wander round at your own pace but if you fancy there is a guided tour on the hour from outside Roys Rolls!
The Coronation Street Tour is open daily from 10am for the rest of 2015. Its really easy to find just past the MOSI. The tour will cost £16.50 and is more than worth the ticket cost for any Corrie fan. You can book via Ticketmaster to guarantee entry on the day and time you wish to visit.

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  1. Oh wow, some fantastic photos there, what a fantastic day out. x

  2. WOW You are sooooo lucky! I love Corrie and would love to visit the cbbles! Sounds like you had a great day!

  3. Looks like you had a great time, hoping to visit there soon


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