Stick To Stigu Planner Review & Giveaway

Every blogger needs a planner, we just have so much going on the need to have it written down is a must. I have had lots of diaries and planners and was offered the chance to try a Stick To Stigu planner out for size.
Stick to Stigu is many things all in one spiral bound book, its a planner, diary, desk calendar, notebook and to doodle pad all in one. Its a really good size and fits nicely in my cabinet draw and on my desk. I love that its spiral bound, its means the pages turn easily.
Spread out over the first 2 pages in a large 2016 calendar. This is perfect for writing my deadlines in and review live dates. Its really easy to see at a glance when things are due and I love that its set over 2 pages and not squeezed onto one like previous planners I have used.
Onto the actual planner pages, you get a week to a page. Each day is broken down into 5 sections. This is perfect if you are a blogger like me as it means I can section out my day. I want 2016 to be the year where I spend more time giving other blogs some love. I plan to spend 1 hour per day blog commenting, so its easy for my to schedule it in here.
On the first page of each month there is a theme for the month. January is restore, on each weekly page there is a different task for you to try out. January is about restore the first 2 weeks task are about taking time for yourself and just chilling out. I love these little tasks and can see them becoming a big part of my routine. As a Mum of children with additional needs I needs reminding to take care of myself.
Another feature I absolutely love is the perforated edges on each page. As the week finishes you rip of the edge and it means you can easily flick to the correct page for that week. So much better than the fiddly pieces of ribbon that that always break half way through the year.
At the back of the planner there is around 20 blank pages, this is great for writing any additional notes that you cant fit in your weekly page. It also hand for writing all my email address in so I don't lose them. There is also a handy pocket for storing those important bit of paper in we always tend to accumulate.

You can get your own Stick to Stigu planner right now over on Amazon for only £12.33, usually £14.99. I think its a great planner and a great price. If your a blogger it's a must have item, but would work just as well for a busy Mum on the run, you could use the 5 individual boxes for family appointments etc.

The lovely guys have offered the chance for one of my readers to win their very own Stick To Stigu Planner. For your chance to win you just have to fill in the Rafflecopter form below. The first option is mandatory and all others are optional. Please do read the terms and conditions before entering.
Open to UK Residents, competition closes January 31st 2016. The first entry is mandatory, all others optional. The more you enter, the more chance you have of winning! Winner will be drawn from all correct entries on the closing date and will have 28 days to claim their prize or a new winner will be drawn. The brand is responsible for sending out the prize. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.
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The Teletubbies are Back!

You may have noticed that today there is an exciting new badge in my blog sidebar!
Just before the Christmas period I discovered I was one of the lucky Mums selected to introduce you to a new range of exciting Teletubbie toys! Mr C loves them and is very excited to see what we are going to get!
Just today we got a very exciting delivery of a large box containing all the fab toys we are going to be introducing you to!
Sadly I cant show you what's inside the box just yet but make sure you pop back over on Monday 11th January. There will be a very exciting review post going live showing all the lovely things that are inside our special Teletubbies box!

Slimming World Week 20 & 21

Well life got a little busy last week and I completely forgot to write my Slimming World post. But to be honest it wasn't much to write home about! I had been off plan for 3 of the 7 days and the other 4 days I was way over my daily syn allowance. My head just wasn't in it, I was feeling really sorry for myself and didn't even manage any exercise. If I am honest I had a week of being a greedy lazy cow! It really showed on the scale with a disappointing 2lbs gain!
This Weeks Result - plus 2lbs
Total Weight Loss - 1 stone 13lbs
This Weeks Goal -  2lbs
I left weigh in with my tail between my legs and determined to do better! On the plus side my gym reopened on Saturday and I took full advantage but visiting as much as possible. It felt good to be working out again and on 2 occasions I broke my personal record on the treadmill. So I can see my physical fitness improving which is great. If I am honest I had a 50/50 week on the food train. Most of my meals were on plan but there was lots of naughty snacking, the house is so full off naughty food and I was powerless to stay away!! I was a little apprehensive going to weigh in tonight, but was pleasantly surprised with......
Everyone had really good losses tonight, which was great and it was also the groups tasting session. Its great to taste what everyone else is making, I tried some lovely quiche, slimming world chips and a pepper and cottage cheese dip. I know this week isn't going to be good food wise, but its Christmas so I am not going to stress about it. I'm not going to stuff myself but if I fancy a chocolate I'm going to have a chocolate. All my meals will be on plan and I am going to the gym to I am hopeful of a maintain when I weigh in on December 28th.
This Weeks Result - minus 3lbs
Total Weight Loss - 2 stone 2lbs
This Weeks Goal -  Maintain

A good nights sleep thanks to Solusnore

As many as one in four of us in the UK is prone to snoring, which can be very disruptive for both snorer and their partner, and often lead to excessive tiredness, poor concentration and even relationship problems. As part of the ‘Great British Snoring Survey’ it was said that 48% of partners are obliged to sleep in separate rooms to get a good night’s sleep. I can fully relate to this as Mr RTR snores like a warthog!!!

So when I was asked if I would like to review Solusnore I jumped at the chance!! Solusnore lozenges are specially formulated to gradually impregnate the flexible tissue in the throat to help prevent snoring. A number of factors can contribute to the slackening of these tissues including age and alcohol and tobacco consumption. Active ingredients include vitamins E and B5, which help to prevent cell ageing and aid healing, mint oil to aid fresh breath, aloe vera and pectin.
Simply suck one tablet slowly to enable the gradual release of pectin. Lying down will allow for optimum lubrication of the soft tissue of the throat thereby preventing any vibration. Pectin is designed to coat the essential oil and help prolong its action. Taken one hour before bedtime, one Solusnore lozenge is enough for a full night’s sleep and can help prevent snoring for up to eight hours - there’s even a money back guarantee!

Sounds good? But do they work? We have been giving them a try for a week now and I am pleased to report that Mr RTR snoring is already decreasing. He has definitely had less digs in the ribs at night. He has a really deep rumble snore and now I can hardly hear him and he hasn't woken me up snoring now for 3 nights on the run. So I am pretty happy with the results off just a weeks use, so fully intend to keep on using them, I really love my sleep and these are helping me get just that little bit more. Solusnore lozenges cost £9.95 for 15 and are available online at

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*I was sent the above FOC for the purpose of an honest review

Cheese Posties

I have a big love of subscription boxes, there is nothing better than coming home and fining a nice surprise through your letter box. The latest box I am reviewing may sound strange to some, but its perfect for me and the hubby. Cheese Posties are a weekly subscription box priced at £3.99 that drop through your post box every week. You have the option of a Tuesday/Wednesday, Thursday/Friday or monthly delivery.
Inside the box is everything you need to make a yummy cheese toastie, including a reusable toasty bag. The contents all come vacuum packed and must be popped in the fridge when they arrive until it is used. It can can stored for upto 24 hours. When you order you answer a couple of questions about your preferences and then your ready to go. There is a choice of sweet or savoury and some of the flavours available are pepperoni pizza, white choc bomb and pepperoni pizza.
The first cheese postie to be tried by the hubby was Fight In A Farmyard, which was goats cheese and bacon flavoured jam. Each box comes with instructions on how to make, but its really simple, pop on the filling, butter the outside of the bread and pop into the toaster bag. You the toast for 3-5 minutes or until the cheese is all bubbly. The hubby didn't love this one, he found the goats cheese to be a really string flavour, to string for him.
The 2nd cheese postie we got to try was the super yummy jaffa cake toastie. With mascarpone cheese, dark chocolate and zingy marmalade it was a winner from the start. The combination of the cheese and melted chocolate was AMAZING and it really did taste like a warm jaffa cake! It was a winner here, I think we will definitely favour the sweet options in future.
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*I was sent the above 2 items FOC for an honest review

Whats in Novembers Degustabox

I had another Degustabox delivered this month and it had lots of things I haven't tried before. This month is had a lovely Christmassy theme and perfect for snacking and sharing. If you haven't heard of Degustabox it's a monthly subscription box priced at £12.99 that delivers 9-14 surprise products, many of the products are new to the market so you get to try them first. 
Rekorderling dry apple cider - £1.49 - I have tried a fair few of the rekorderling products through Degustabox and this one is the perfect one for me. I love the dryness and fresh appley scent.
Teisseire Gourmet Drops - £2.79 - These syrups are perfect for adding to desserts, cooking and ideal for your coffees. They are a real versatile flavouring product.
Food Thoughts Cocoa - £2.35 - This is a really rich cocoa, I cant imagine having it as a drink, I think it would be too rich for me, but its going to be great for baking.
Belvita Soft Bakes - £2.79 - These are AMAZING, they are so soft and juicy and tasty. Sadly for me as they are 9 sysn per biscuit on Slimming World I wont be eating many! They are perfect for a filling grab and go breakfast.
Hartleys Jelly - £1.29 - I love love love the sparkly jelly, what girl doesn't love a bit of sparkle. These are a welcome addition to my food cupboard as the children love a bit of jelly.
Jim Jams Hazelnut Spread - I cant find a price for this anywhere, but I would gladly pay any price for it. It is such a lovely tasting spread, I will definitely switch from my usual brand, the kids love it to.
Branston Orchard Fruit Chutney - £1.49 - I am a huge Branston lover and I am interested to give this a try. I love the new flavour ranges now available and it will be a welcome change from standard pickle.
Ryvita Thins - £1.89 - Ryvita Crackers - £1.29 -These thins are a welcome addition to the box for me as Ryvita are one thing I can have that are really low syn value. These are going to be great for dipping over the Christmas buffet.
Bourne and Wallis Beetroot - £1.40 - I have now taken this of my Christmas shopping list as Christmas is the only time of the year I eat beetroot. So its one less thing for me to buy.
Butterkist Discoveries - £1.49 - This salted caramel flavour is one I haven't tried before. It was hard to put the bag down as it was so delicious.
Butterkist Sweet and Salted - 55p - This is my go to flavour if I fancy popcorn. I love the mix of salted and sweet in my mouth.
Nims Fruit Crisp - 99p - These interested me, I am also looking for low syn snacks. These work out at 3 syns per pack and a nice change for high fat crisps.
Divine Chocolate - £1 - I am not a lover of dark chocolate, but my sister, so she gave this a try for me. She reassures me it is amazing and I don't know what I'm missing.

What do you think of the contents? This months contents retails for around £23, so you are getting more than your monies worth in the box. Want to try Degustabox yourself? You can get a massive £6 off your first box by using code BLDEG15 at the checkout.
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*I was sent the Degustabox FOC for the purpose of an honest review

Hornbys Santas Express

We love Christmas in this house, and come December 1st our Christmas decorations are out in full force. I tend to buy a new item for the collection each year, but haven't got round to it this year. Luckily for me I was offered the chance to review the stunning Hornby Santas Express train set priced at £69.99.
The set contains everything you need to get started including Santa's train packed full of festive gifts. Santa's special train included a steam engine, a wagon full of presents and a closed in van which he keep his reindeer
Full Contents
Santa's Express 0-4-0 locomotive
7 plank open wagon
Reindeer van box
3rd radius starter oval track
Power track and track straight
R8250 Train Controller
P9000 Transformer
Hornby Midimat (1600x180)
The track is really easy to put together and only takes minutes the metal runners on the end of the track interconnect with the next piece. The track when fully built makes a 1100mm x 1070mm oval track that you can use around the base of your Christmas tree. A big bonus for me is that the set requires no batteries and is completely mains operated. The dial on the controller allows you to speed up or slow down the train, so you can adjust the speed you want it to glide around the tree.
The 3 carriages have lots of detail on the and look so authentic, the detailing is so spot on, right down to the pins in the 7 plank carriage. All 3 carriages link together with plastic coupling in the end and you can arrange them in any way you like. The stack of Christmas gifts also come out of the carriage so you can run the carriage empty, or fill it with your own little goodies.
Not just a Christmas decoration the engine can be used and is great as a starter set for any child or adult who loves trains. The set comes with a fold out mat for the track to be placed on, this allows the set to be expanded. I think the retail price is a good reflection of the quality of the product, its well made and looks fabulous. It would be a great addition to any enthusiasts collection.
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*I was sent the above sample FOC for the purposes of an honest review.

Trutex School Uniform

I now have 4 children all in school uniforms, so its not cheap kitting them all out. So when I was offered the chance to review a full uniform selection from Trutex I said yes! I have never tried out their uniform before so I was interested to see how the quality compared. I was sent a set of uniform for Mr C to try out, jumper, shirt and trousers.
The first item, the jumper is super soft and 100% cotton. The v neck jumper has a thick knitted ribbed band round the bottom which is great for preventing shirt tails popping out, its nice and fitted but has a nice stretch to it so it won't lose shape. It is machine washable at 40 degrees. I got the navy jumper but it is also available in 6 other colours. The jumper is age 5-6 and is a really good fit on 4 year old Mr C and not too big, but some room to grow.
The 2nd item was a 2 pack of white short sleeved shirts, I always opt for short sleeve as my children don't like the fuss of long sleeves. They have the nice stiff collars, I prefer this type as the floppy ones don't sit right against Mr C's jumper. I love the feature of the top button, its on an extended piece of fabric, so it has that little extra stretch on it.
I love the trousers, they have an adjustable waist so they are perfect for children who like Mr C need the length but not necessarily the waist. The secured hem offers extra protection from fallen hemlines and the trouser in the size we got age 4 have an elasticated waist. Perfect for the younger boys who find zips tricky. I found the trousers we got ages 4 were true to size for Mr C and the perfect length. The material feels really good quality and the crease down the leg saves me time with the iron.
I am really pleased with Trutex uniform, its a really great all round fit and it looks really smart on Mr C. He is easily able to dress and undress himself, he doesn't find the buttons on the shirt too tricky, which is because the buttons seems a little larger and go into the holes easier. It has been through the washing machine at least 10 times already and still looks good as new.
As you can see from the pictures above the uniform also gets the thumbs up from my cheeky Mr C. See here to find your nearest Trutex School Uniform stockist.
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*I was sent the above samples FOC in exchange for an honest review.

Christmas Gifts from Morrisons

I am a big lover of convenience shopping, I'm a busy Mum of 4 and my time is precious. Being able to pop into the supermarket for the weekly shop and grab a few Christmas presents is perfect for me. Today I am sharing with you some of the great Christmas gifts available from your Morrisons store.
The Beauty Parlour Bath Caviar is priced at £5 and is part of the fab 2 gifts for £8 range. The stylish metal rack will look fab sat on the bathroom windowsill. It has 5 tubes of colourful crystals, that you can pour into your bath for a relaxing soak.
The Academy of Colour Nail collection is perfect for the girl you have to buy for who loves a bot of sparkle. The set is priced at £5 and is part of the 2 gifts for £8 collection. The set contains 6 nail polish and 6 glitter polish, perfect for the Christmas part season.
The Get Fruity Strawberry Treat Set is priced at only £2 and will make the perfect stocking filler. It comes in a lovely square box and contains a mini strawberry body butter, a mini strawberry body wash and a shower scrunch, its a lovely set for the price.
The Academy of Colour Nail Collection would be another great stocking filler priced at only £2. It comes in a lovely bright coloured presentation box. When you flip the lid open you are greeted with a whole load of glitter and 4 stunning nail polish bottles.
Its just not Christmas without a gingerbread house threw in the mix! This build your own gingerbread house is priced at £5. The kit comes with everything you need to make a perfect gingerbread house, I can't wait to do this with the children on Christmas eve, make sure you look out on my social media for the pictures of the finished product.

These are just a few of the gifts available now in Morrisons, there is a range for the whole family and lots included in the 2 for £8 deal, so get down and get yourself a bargain.
*I was sent the above items FOC for featuring in this post.

Slimming World Week 19 Weigh In

The weeks seem to be flying by now and Christmas is fast approaching! I had set a target of 3 stone weight loss by Christmas weigh in! I think I am going to be a little behind that if I am honest, but I wont be letting that put me off, as long as the weight continues to come off I am satisfied.
Last week I set a target of 3.5lb, it was a high target for the week but I really wanted it as it would get me my 2 stone badge. To ensure I hit what I wanted this week I went completely back to basics, logging all food in my diary, drinking plenty of water and ensuring my syns were kept low. I scrapped the 3 quarters rule and ensured y plate was half full of speed food. I was hoping the more speed you choose the more you lose rule would get me there.

Even when I have been good I dread weigh in day, I don't weigh in till 5pm Monday evening and the day really drags. I live really close to group so I am usually really early to, which means even more anticipation waiting for the weigh in to begin.
I was really chuffed with this weeks -4.5lbs and I think it shows if you are honest and stick to it the bigger losses are achievable. It has really spurred me on and I am only 5lbs away from my next award of 2 and a half stone. Its half a stone less than I wanted by Christmas, but still a massive achievement for me.
The loss meant I got my much wanted 2 stone certificate, but it also meant I got my Club 10 certificate as I have now lost an amazing 10% of my original body weight. I am really excited to carry on my journey and really excites to be inside the next stone bracket, which I haven't seen for over 5 years!
See You Next Week
Sim's Life

#ChristmasGiveaway Winners 2

The 2nd lot of Christmas Giveaways are now over and I had to fun task this morning of picking the winners. If you see your name below you are a winner, you will also get an email and a tweet today also!
Congrats to Charmian Filewood the winner of Sallys Candy Addiction
Congrats to  Lisa Parker the winner of the Snow Cookies
Congrats to Jodie Beaumont the winner of The Naked Noodles
Congrats to Karen Cowley the winner of the 2 bags of luxury Marshmallows
Congrats to Clair Downham the winner of the Stratum C hand cream
Congrats to Kim Neville the winner of the £25 Toad Diaries Voucher
There are still 2 giveaways live, pop on over to the giveaways page and get entering.

Robot Run Orchard Toys

You may have seen our review of Shopping List last month, well I am excited to bring you another review of a fab game from Orchard Toys. As with all Orchard games it comes in a sturdy cardboard box so it's perfect for taking out and about and the games prices are make of great strong board that don't bend or peel easily.
The game Robot Run is priced at £7.50 and suitable for ages 3+ and you can play with between 2 and 4 players. The box contains 40 different robot cards, divided into 4 colors, red, blue, green and yellow. There are 10 different types of robots, so one in each colour. There is also a rainbow paint brush card, which can be used as any robot and any colour card during play.
The set up of the game is really easy, each player is dealt 5 cards face up and the remaining cards placed in a pile, with 1 card turned over. The youngest player goes first and they have to see if they can match the robot or the colour of the robot that has been placed down. If they can go they put their card on top, if they cant they have to take a card from the pile and add it to their line up of cards. The aim of the game is to be the first to get rid of all your cards.
It really didn't take Mr C long to get the just of this game, although there were a few times when I had to question his decision about not being able to take a turn. Its a great game for practising observational skills, colour recognition and it's great for matching and sorting skills. It really got Mr C thinking and studying his robot cards to see if they were the same as the one on his cards.
Aside from playing the game I have been using these cards to further develop Miss S's skills, they are great for giving her to sort into types and colour piles. She does a lot of that type if thing at school, so its great to be able to do some at home with her. Its also great for prompting speech from her as I can ask her about colours and shapes.
So Robot Run is another Orchard Toys hit in our house, make sure you pop on over to the website and take a look at all the other titles in the range.
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