Wally The Washer Review & Giveaway

We have big love for Drumond Park games in our house and we are ready to share another fab review and giveaway with you, this time for the fab family game! Introducing Wally The Washer - A wacky new toy washing machine that every child will love!
Wally requires very little setup, you need to insert some batteries, put the stickers on the smelly socks and Wally himself and you're ready to go. Wally is suitable for up to 4 players and you get 4 washing lines, 1 for each player, you need a minimum of 2 players to play.
To start play load all the laundry and the smelly sock into Wally and close the door, the drum comes to life and the laundry will whirl around. Someone then presses the button on top of Wally and the door will fly open and the laundry spills out onto the floor. The players then have to grab their laundry and fill their washing line with the corresponding colours.
The first player to fill their washing line is the winner, but beware of the smelly sock, if you grab him as he flys out of the washer you have to wear the peg on your bose for the rest of the round! The kids thought this was hilarious and actually sought the sock when it flew out.
It's a fab game, it is great for young ones learning their colours, as you have to colour match your laundry. Its also good for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, fab to get some learning in whilst playing! Wally The Washer is available to buy, rrp £24.99 from most good toy store and Amazon. For your chance to win a copy for yourself just enter via the widget below, do read the terms and conditions before entering.
Wally The Washer
Terms & Conditions.         
1. One prize for one winner.
2. Winners email will be sent to PR who will arrange delivery.
3. Competition ends Midnight 12/11/18.
4. Incomplete entries will be disqualified.
5. UK entries only.

We Had A Num Noms Smoothie Movie Night

I love to spend time with Miss S, she prefers her own company the majority of the time if I'm honest. But when Num Noms got in touch and offered to send us a fab bundle to enable us to have a fab Mummy and Daughter movie night I jumped at the chance.
We were sent the Num Noms Silly Shake Maker,  Num Nom light surprise jar, a drink cup, cuddly blanket, sweetie cone and a voucher to enable us to watch a movie on google or Netflix. Before we got down to watching the movie though Miss S wanted to investigate the Silly Shake Maker.
Its a great set up and enables your little makers to design and make their own slime and silly shakes. Making the slime is really easy, just pop some of the plain slimes into the mixer and add your choice of colours, glitter and confetti. The more colour you out in the darker your slime so you can make lots of different colours.
Once you've made your slime you can make your silly shake different coloured slimes, Miss S lost interest and wanted to eat the sweets she was sent instead. Once you've made your silly creations you can store them with lids on in the back of the kitchen. 
The Silly Shaker Maker is a great hands-on piece of kit and is available in most good toys stores retailing at £39.99. A must-have piece for any Num Noms fan that can be used again and again. It fits in well with the rest of our Num Noms stuff and its great to have some pieces that Miss S will actually play with and won't just sit gathering dust!
While I tidied up the slime and kitchen Miss S got her cosy on in the corner of the new sofa. We decided to watch The Greatest Showman as Miss S loves a good sing song. She loves her new fluffy pink blanket! I really liked the  Num Noms light surprise jar, its got a cuddly scented Num inside, Miss S is very sensory so I knew it would be a hit. It also has a flashy Nom in the jar which she loved. The sweeties didnt last long and she's not great at sharing!! I managed to sneak a few marshmallows while she was busy belting out show tunes!
Even the dog wanted to get in on the girly movie action! Gotta love family time. We had a lovely few hours Mummy and daughter time, some new toys to play with, rounded off with a cosy blanket and some sweets! What's your favourite thing to do with family time? Movie night always wins hands down here!
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