5 Week Pregnancy Update

How Am I This Week?
So I am now 5 weeks pregnant and it's been a few days since we found out and its starting to sink in a little. There are still the niggling concerns, where we gonna put the baby, how will the kids adjust and feeling too old! Since we found out the symptoms have been coming thick and fast, I'm nauseous and constantly tired. Although tiredness isn't unusual for me, but I can't sit down for longer than 10 minutes without dozing off. Luckily Mr. RTR works evenings and the kids are still off school so I am free to doze off as I please, which I am grateful for. I can't shake the metallic taste out of my mouth and I feel like I am carrying around rocks in my bra! I forgot all about this! OUCH!! I am not experiencing any food cravings or food aversions as of yet.

I have self-referred to the midwife service and they said I will get my booking in appointment in the next 7-10 days. They took a brief history over the phone and they will book my first scan at my booking in appointment. Its all changed since I had Mr. C 8 years ago, you went to your GP who did all the referring. I have bought myself some Pregnacare for folic acid and am taking one a day to make sure the apple pip is getting everything it needs in the early days.

I informed my Slimming World consultant as I intend to carry on going to group throughout my pregnancy. The great news is now I'm pregnant I am allowed 2 HEXA and 2 HEXB options per day, I have to get my midwife to sign a form at my first appointment to say they are happy for me to continue, but I don't see it being a problem as I still have weight to lose!

Hows The Baby This Week?
The babe is about the size of an apple seed but after this week it's going to get bigger rapidly. The umbilical cord is starting to form and by the end of the week, the neural tube will be fully formed. The babes heart is currently 2 tiny chambers that are already working, they are going to fuse and become a fully functioning heart. Amazingly several other organs will begin to form this week also. My placenta still isn't fully formed and the babe is currently feeding on the yolk sac. 

Its set to be a busy week for this growing babe, stay tuned for another update soon.
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A Christmas Surprise!

It’s December 26th and all my family have just left after spending the day here like they do every year. Mr RTR has been at work all day and I’ve been anticipating his arrival home as he was bringing home something quite important. A pregnancy test....

Now with 4 children the youngest being 7, a baby wasn’t in either of our future plans, especially seen as we have just set our wedding date!! 

I came off the pill 6 months ago and have been using an app to track my cycle. I have been on contraception for 16 years and wanted to use the natural approach. Also, my RCVS is triggered by a whole list of things and the doctor thought it best to come off my
pill and not put additional hormones into my body. The app I have been using is fab it tells you when your cycle is due when to expect PMT and most importantly when you are fertile. Now if you are trying to conceive that’s when you would get busy. We have avoided this and for 6 months it’s worked a dream. A Christmas night out with copious amounts of alcohol during my fertile window has left us both feeling a little like irresponsible teenagers, not fully grown adults. 

There was no escaping the fact this was a positive test, even though it was 8pm and not my first wee of the day the line came up straight away.  According to my last cycle, I am 4 weeks and 4 days so early days, you won’t see this post until after we have had a chance to wrap our heads around this news. 

Initial thoughts are of apprehension, feeling too old, feeling too fat, will the baby have autism like 3 of its siblings, where will we put it and how will the kids cope with it all? I’m very much worry about it when and if it happens whereas Mr RTR will worry about it all now and drive himself mad now. 

I hope you will enjoy reading and watching our 5th journey into parenthood a little older but definitely not wiser. 
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