Weekly Weigh In 1, 2 & 3

After a long spell away and attempting to do Slimming World from home I admitted defeat and hauled my slightly larger ass back to class! From the moment I stepped through the door, I felt like I was at home again. Its such a lovely sized group and some of the lovely ladies are still there. I always loved Mondays when I was at Slimming World as it was my 90 minutes of the week with no kids, no chores and time with a lovely group of people all in the same boat working towards to same end goal.

I am about to go for my 4th weigh in on Monday, so thought I would catch you up on how the previous 3 weeks have gone for me. As I've been on the plan before I already know the drill and did a big shop, rid the house of syns and made a meal plan. This is something I have always done its a great money saver. I also find that it helps to keep me on plan as I know exactly what I'm eating and when.

In previous Slimming World attempts, I was quite rigid, I never used all of my syns, I only ate carbs once a day and I never synned food, my syns were for actual treats not meals. This time I decided to scrap my ridioulos restrictions, the point of Slimming World is that it is easy to follow. So for my first week, I concentrated on sticking to plan, making sure that a 3rd of my plate was full of speed and using my syns for whatever I needed. I used al 15 of my syns every day, drank 3 litres of water per day and tried to be active for a good portion of the day. My first weigh in resulted in a 5lb loss and I was chuffed to bits.

Week 2, I stuck to the same as the previous week, I did over syn on 2 of those days, not by much but it was all written down so I can be accountable. I definitely find that writing things down helps me, I literally write as I eat it. I didn't have as much water as the week before, but week 2 still brought a 4lb loss, I was happy with 9lb in 2 weeks. 

Week 3 came around and I was stuck in the hospital with Miss S, I was actually headed there straight from the end of weigh in on week 2. I don't think week 3 would have been a fantastic result, eating in a hospital is tricky. The ward provided me with breakfast each morning, which was Slimming World friendly. Lunch was salads from M&S and Subway. it was always dinner where I came unstuck as the choice was limited after 5pm. To be honest with the stress of being in the hospital all day trying to make Miss S drink a putrid bowel cleanser sticking to plan was the last thing on my mind. So in hind site, I am glad I couldn't go as we were still in the hospital. We were allowed home from the hospital on Wednesday after a long 10-day stay and I have been bang on plan since then. I am doing 4 days on SP before I head to week 4 weigh in on Monday. I am hoping that the SP will help counterbalance the bad and maybe means I can scrape a maintain for week 4. This means I can power on for a 4lb loss in week 5 and get my stone award. Then I can add it to the fridge with this!
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Life Update

My regular followers may have noticed I haven't been seen for the past 3 months! Life got a little bit hectic and when you're spinning plates something has to fall and it always tends to be the blog as it's easiest! I mean I can't drop one of the kids lol. Things have settled and we are finally back into a good routine so I have some time to carry on with my blog!

I have spent most of the past 3 months homeschooling Mr D, after a 3 year battle with his school we came to the decision that that school wasn't the best place for him. He was just 9 short weeks away from completing year 6, but as it was at the time him being in school was damaging his mental health and making his anxiety so much worse, so we pulled him out.

Homeschooling didn't come easily if you throw in balancing life, a house, other kids and a boy whos educational confidence was rock bottom it was tough. I think me and him both were relieved when the summer holidays came around and we could call it a day! He is now enjoying his free time until he starts high school in September. We have chosen for him to go to the same school as Mr L, as he has made amazing progress since starting there 3 years ago, so we hope the same for Mr D. 

Mr L is going into year 10 and GCSE terrority, scary to think that we have to start thinking about colleges etc this year! I have no idea at all how we are going to jump that hurdle! There is going to be some big changes for him going back next month as his whole care team is changing and he's not happy about it. We will do as we alwys do and deal with issues as they arrive, we just need to teach him to do the same!

Scarily it was also time to make a high school choice for Miss S, we made the decision to move her to the local specialist high school. She has attended her current school since she was 4 years old and it's going to be a big transition if she gets a place. We think it will be a good change for her though and for the first time ever we will actually be able to take her to school ourselves as it is within walking distance of our new house. Its rated good by Ofsted to and it all seems positive, so fingers crossed.

Mr C has enrolled in the local scout group and loves it, he has even done his first camp away from home and stayed away for 2 nights. He starts in KS2 in September, my youngest child is going into juniors, he will be leaving before we know it too.

Mr RTR has a new job, he finally got tired of the ridiculous conditions he was made to work in and resigned. He went straight into a new job which he loves, its nights so I only see him 2 nights a week now, but he loves it, so that's what matters. As for me working in the conventional sense is not an option with 4 kids and 3 different schools, add in doctors visits, school phone calls and early collections my place is at home. We are fortunate that Mr RTR job pays enough for us to survive on one income, but I needed something for me apart from my blog, some real human interaction. Thanks to his new job I have been able to rejoin my local Slimming World! I have missed it so much, his old job meant I couldn't make the meeting time. He now starts at 10pm, so I can actually go. I am 3 weeks in and 9lbs down already, but I will update you on that separately and I will be sharing what I eat in a day vlogs and of course the weekly weigh-in posts.

I think I have covered all my 3-month absence, I am currently sat on a hospital camp bed, its out 8th night here and we go home tomorrow! I never thought I would miss the madhouse, but I can't wait to go home. I will update you on details of our stay soon.

Its good to be back, I hope you loyal readers have stuck around, do leave me a comment below and let me know your still here!
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