Valentines Day Gift Guide 2019

Love is in the air with Valentines Day just a few weeks away. I've been compiling a bit of a gift guide for you with some relaxing, fun, cheeky and delicious gifts to suit all budgets. Do you celebrate Valentines with your partner or do you give the romance a miss? We always do cards, but gifts have took a bit of a back seat since the kiddies came along.
John Lennon and Paul McCartney were right… all you need is love. Bring some eye catching carnivalesque style and love into your life with this super trendy LED carnival love light sign, rrp £19.99. This light won’t look out of place hung up in any home… its warming radiance and stylish design compliments any surrounding you place it in. And it can be placed anywhere because it’s battery operated… Bonus! You haven’t got to worry about plug sockets or ugly black wires ruining the décor. 
This Valentine’s Day, ensure your loved one unwraps the perfect present with the Autumn/Winter 2019 lifestyle collection from BUFF, the original multifunctional headwear brand. The Biorn grey knitted hat is a little bit of luxury priced at £34.25. It is 80% wool and fully fleece lined for ultimate comfort in the cold weather. I love how stylish this looks and extremely well made, all the boys in the house will be fighting over this one.
Is it actually Valentines day without some chocolate? The flames of love are certain to be ignited by our new Perfect Match Chocolates rrp £6.99. The slightest glimmer of l'amour will be fanned into an inferno by this luxurious, handmade Belgian white chocolate. Hand-engraved with the words 'Perfect Match', these are a wonderful sweet treat on Valentine's Day. 
In the UK over half of us have admitted that we own at least one vibrator, that’s almost 3 million people in the UK who own a sex toy and a third of us have more than one! Yet, as the folks at sexual wellness company Satisfyer, have discovered, all you actually need in your life is just the one toy. One toy that rules them all, as it launches the new Satisfyer Partner Multifun 1 and 2, a vibrator designed for women, men and couples, talk about gender equality! Priced at £44.95 what a way to spice up your Valentines night!
The Ned Pinot Rosé is the perfect wine to share over a romantic meal this Valentine’s Day. This bright, crisp wine has a wonderful rose petal scented aroma and citrus and watermelon flavours and makes the perfect accompaniment to a starter of steamed asparagus with shaved parmesan. Or a beautiful goats cheese tartlet served with a green salad, or even a delicate seafood risotto or paella. A match made in heaven, priced at £12.99.
Looking for a relaxed Valentines? BetterYou™ Magnesium Sleep Lotion, £9.95 delivers an expertly blended combination of Magnesium Chloride, to help relax tired muscles and Lavender and Chamomile, to slow sensory activity and quieten the mind. Together they promote a restful night’s sleep. Combined with BetterYou™ Magnesium Flakes priced from £3.49 are ideal for replenishing the body with this essential mineral, promoting overall wellbeing, aiding skin health and relaxing muscles, effectively relieving tension and stiffness.
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6 Week Pregnancy Update

How Am I This Week?
Much the same as last week to be honest! I can't shake the sicky feeling and the smell of some of my favourite things are making me gag! I can't stand too close to the rubbish bin and if someone opens it while I'm stood in the room its game over for me! I never suffered with sickness in any of my other pregnancies, so this is all a bit new for me. I've dug out Mr D's travel sickness bands and they seem to be helping. My sickness gets worse as the day develops. I feel very bloated this week and am struggling to eat. I don't feel as tired as I did last week, but I have been making sure I get plenty of rest when the kiddies aren't here. I've also had some low down aches and pains, I'm reassured by my app that these are normal as things get shifted about ready for the baby. It's still about 6 weeks until I have my first scan, which seems a lifetime away. But the fact the kiddies are in school means the weeks are going to fly right by. I have my booking in appointment scheduled for January 24th when I get to meet my midwife and get my pregnancy folder.

Hows The Baby This Week?
This week babe has evolved from apple pip to pea and around 1cm. They already have tiny arm bud paddles that will develop at a fast rate. The babies kidney, lungs and liver are all in place but have a lot of development to still do. Also, the brain waves are now strong enough to actually be recorded! The size of the baby will rapidly start to double in size. The heart has already divided into 2 chambers and is beating around 150 times per minute, amazing.
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