Searching The Smyths Toys Catalogue For Gift Ideas

We got a very exciting delivery this morning the brand new Smyths toys catalogue! Its come just in time too as it's my nieces 3rd birthday soon and I need to the children to help me pick her some fab gifts. My eldest is nearly 8 so I'm so out of the loop when it comes to toddler gifts.
Mr C was straight on the case when and was flicking through the catalgoue before I even got it out of the envleope. His cousins Birthday coming around in the calendar always excites him as he knows it means its very nearly Christmas. He will no doubt start flicking through for gifts for himself when we have finished.
Smyths is always our first choice and we all get excited when the new catalogue comes around. As a Mum of 4 I love that Smyths toys have gifts to suit all budgets and when you spend £25 you get free delivery, order by 5pm for next day delivery option and you can click and collect within 1 hour.
My Niece like all little ones loves all these collectible items and most importantly surprise bags and eggs. The Hatchimals and Nom Noms collections on page 116 would be one perfect option. Mr C seems to think she will love them. There is actually a really good selection of collectables in the catalogue from LOL to Shopkins!
If you are looking for a cuddly Mr C spotted the Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise on page 129. A cute and cuddle plush with a hidden surprise inside. I love this and I think it would be my choice of gift. I love that the heart on the chest is removable, you can swish your hand over the sequins to turn them over. Its a real sensory toy, I think Miss S would love it as she loves her sequin cushion.
It didnt take long for Mr C's eyes to start to wander and he was fully checking off his Christmas list. He found himself in Pokemon heaven and apparently he NEEDS the Pokemon clip and go belt. I've told him we will have to see what Father Christmas thinks. I am really impressed with the new catalogue and think it offers a good selection of products. There are even bikes and games consoles in there if you are looking for main gifts. You can order your Smyths Toys Catalogue now and get a jump start on your gift lists for the rest of the year.

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Weekly Weigh In 7 & 8

So last week I completely forgot to post my weekly weigh on post, we are in the midst of house redecoration and its absolute madness. We are literally doing the hall stairs and landing, boys bedroom, lounge, and our bedroom all at the same time. I bought all the stuff before the summer holidays but I'm not stupid enough to attempt to decorate with the 4 kids buzzing around the house. Anyway I digress! Back to the weight loss!

Week 7
I actually had a half a pound gain, it wasn't completely unexpected. I was lazy with my healty extras which is stupid as its literally the only thing you have to weigh and measure. I also over compensated with my syns, so was lucky to scrape through with a minimal gain. But that did put me 4.5lb away from my stone award and I really wanted it!

Week 8
I headed into week 8 knowing that I would be off plan pretty much the whole weekend. My sister was home for a visit and when family gets together it usually involves eating out, movies and chocolate, you name it we eat it! To prevent a massive gain I spent Monday to Thursday 110%, measuring my healthy extras and having minimal syns of just 5 per day. I also drank 3 litres of water every day, 1 litre to be drunk by lunch and 2 after. I had a great Friday to Sunday, I really enjoyed it. But then I am a binge eater at heart, so I know how to take advantage. My careful planning to prepare for the weekend means that I still got a loss tonight! I lost 1.5lbs, which gives me 11lbs in total. I'm just 3lbs away from that 1 stone award and I've promised myself I WILL get it next week, stay tuned for a certificate!!

Weight Loss This Week - 1.5lbs
Weight Loss So Far - 11lbs

See you Next Week

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