The Little Monkey Box From Cancer Care Parcel

Thinking of what to get people for Christmas is always stressful, you never really know what to get for people. Think about having to add in the fact that they may be sick and even in the hospital. The team over at Cancer Care Parcel got in touch and asked to send us a box to feature in our gift guides. Here is a little info on who they are:
After Dr Shara Cohen was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 she found there was very little time to just relax, take it all in and give herself ‘me’ time. With all the appointments, liaising with work, telling the people who needed to be told…… there was little time to digest what was happening, research the practicalities or to just relax.. So she set up Cancer Care Parcel, to enable children and adults with cancer to take some of the worries away and bring some calm back into their lives. A Cancer Care Parcel is an ideal gift, to let people with cancer know that you are thinking of them. Shara has gone through treatment and understands some needs of people with cancer, however, they also consult those receiving the parcels and their advisory board, which consists of cancer patients and survivors.  This means that their gifts are well thought out and cover many aspects of what is needed.

I thought it sounded like a  great idea and they sent me over the Little Monkey Box from their range to feature. They do all different kinds of boxes for men, women, children, boxes for people who have breast cancer, a chemotherapy box and a radiotherapy box. Which means you can select the box most suited to your recipient, they have boxes to suit all budgets too. They are delivered well-packaged and I have to say the Little Monkey box is packed and has all bases covered. Rather than photograph all 24 items, I made a video for our Youtube channel that shows you all the items. Just below the video on this post is a list of the items.

Practical & Fun
Monkey Back Pack - For storing all your hospital essentials in
Monkey Water Bottle - To stay hydrated during treatment
Battery operated Bedside Light - For when the ward lights go off
Cool Food Bag - To hid all your snacks

Monkey Pillow - Nobody likes hospital pillows
Supersoft Blanket - To snuggle up in
Handwarmer - Cold hands during chemo is common
Soft Gloves - As above

Something To Do
Jungle Card Game - To pass the time
Note Pad - Keep a diary or play noughts and crosses
Coluring Pencils - For your notebook
Picture Rub Art - To be a bit creative with

Just For Fun
Catchable Bubbles - Everyone loves bubbles
Glow Stick - Have your own party
Dragonfly 3D Bouncy Ball - Just to pass the time

For Nausea
Peppermint Herbal Teabags - Helps relieve nausea
Sea Band Anti Nausea Band - I use these for my travel sick son and they are amazing

Aloe Vera Lipbalm - Hospital air con dries your lips
Gold Earphones - For late night tv watching
Tissues - Always useful
Portable Powerbank - To keep your tech topped up
Wind Up Fan - To cool you down
USB Light - For when the ward lights go out and you want to read
Handy Wipes - Keeping your hands clean

So as you can see it has every aspect covered and would be a wonderful gift to give at a pretty tough time. The range is fab, check out them all on the Cancer Care Parcel Website.
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Stay Cosy This Winter With Aldi

I've had a lovely day out today doing a bit of retail therapy, I took my little jacket out instead of my big coat as it looked quite mild, boy was that a mistake! The weather has all of a sudden drawn in and the temperature has dropped right down, there is a proper winter chill in the air. While I was out I found myself buying some gloves and scarf to warm me up! I arrived home to a toasty warm house and a fab parcel from the Aldi special buys team which is just perfect for the sudden temperature change! There is a range instore right now from cosy socks to full on sherpa cuddly blankets and all at the same low Aldi priced we all know and love.  
There are lots of great things about the colder seasons, but having chilly feet isn't one of them! Make sure you never worry about cold feet again when you grab these Heat For Your Feet Socks. Featuring comfy brushed inners and cushioned soles for extra warmth and support, these lovely socks will see you through until Spring! These will be on my feet as soon as I've finished this post and an absolute bargain at just £1.99.
There is a whole host of Avenue pyjamas offer instore priced at just £8.99 in a range of sizes. I love the llama print on these ones. They are soft cotton and lightweight but cosy, I love the cuffed design on the sleeves and legs, it makes it more like a lounge suit than pyjamas.
There is no better way to get cosy in winter than with a lovely hot water bottle. With a cable knit design, this Kirkton House Cable Knit Hot Water Bottle will look great as well as keeping you warm. Treat yourself, or give it to someone special as a thoughtful stocking filler. Available instore priced at £4.99 in cream, grey or pink.
Perfect for wearing inside winter boots or just around the house when its cold, these cute Ladies' Panda Winter Boot Socks are perfect if your toes get a little chilly over the winter months. They are one size and fit 4-8 shoe size and retail at £4.99. If Pandas aren't your thing they have them in Bear design, ombre, pink and blue. They are super soft and make your feet feel super toasty.

Get yourself down to your local Aldi this weekend for your winter warmers as with all special buys they are only available whilst stocks last so be quick!
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