eZee Beads Giveaway

I know you all love a good giveaway so I have teamed up with John Adams to give one lucky readest the chance to win these fab 2 prizes from the eZee beads range. The range is perfect for the crafty kid amongst your brood and if you're a clean freak like me, they are low mess! 
The eZee Beads 3D Mini Scenes set lets you create charming 3D scenes using just beads and water – no ironing required! It comes with 4 pretty design cards to make, as well as some handy storage for your eZee Beads.
The eZee Beads Refill Pack includes 640 beads in 10 colours! Use the extra beads to make more amazing eZee Beads creations. It includes a handy tray to sort your beads into colours order and make your creations easier!

For your chance to win just enter via the widget below, do take some time to read the terms and conditions of entry as all incorrect entire will be disqualified.

ezee beads
Terms and Conditions
Open to UK & Ireland residents over 18years. 2 prizes for 1 winner, chosen at random via Gleam. You must leave a blog comment with the answer to the question, or you will be disqualified. All other entry methods are optional. Make sure you complete each entry correctly or you will be disqualified. Come back each day for extra entries. Winner will be contacted within 3 days of the giveaway ending. If they do not respond within 28 days a new winner will be chosen. Your details will be passed to the PR/Company and nobody else. Delivery is the responsibility of the PR/Company. Raising the Rainbows is not responsible for any damaged or missing prizes. Please allow up to 28 days for the prize to arrive. The company reserves the right to substitute the prize for one of similar value if the original isn't available. Bulk or automated entries will be disqualified. Giveaway open until 11.59pm on April 6th 2018
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Easter Gift Guide

These gift guides seem to be flying around this year and I can't believe its time for the Easter guide already! Be Christmas again before we know it. I've been busy sourcing everything you could possibly want or need this Easter, whether you have a chocolate lover or a chocolate hater!
You can make your own delicious, bite-sized treats with the Chocolate Sprinkle Stix from John Adams toys. Children can safely and easily melt their chocolate, dip their breadsticks, pour in their sprinkles then turn on the sprinkle blast to create their own unique sweet treat! The Chocolate Sprinkle Stix unit is easy to clean and dishwasher safe too. All you need to get started is some chocolate, sprinkles and breadsticks, this is a fab Easter gift idea.
Ideal for an Easter egg hunt, Guylian’s Mini Filled chocolate eggs are a mouth-watering treat. They come individually wrapped in an assortment of three flavours; milk chocolate truffle, milk chocolate praline and dark chocolate praline, rrp £3.49. The delightful egg-shaped box features a window design and is filled with Temptations chocolates in six delectable flavours, rrp £3. 
Mini Hornit helmets are a bit, no a LOT, cooler than most kids’ bike helmets! Painstakingly designed to look stylish & fun (or quiet understated in the case of Stealth!), they are fully adjustable, comfortable, lightweight and actually, something children will want to wear. They will also love the integrated LED which is an added safety feature, useful for riding home after school in winter. They are available in 2 sizes, small and medium and will fit most children. The LED light has 3 modes and the battery will last between 10-20 hours dependant on what modes it's in. I know Mr C will just love this hammerhead design, it perfectly matches the bike he is getting for his birthday! 
How about a personalised book from Its Your Story? This lovely personalised booked tells a story all about the child and their favourite person taking a Zoo adventure. It can be personalised with the child's name, their favourite person's name, 2 friends names and other personal details such as their special person favourite colour. You can choose a picture to upload and it is used throughout the story. The story is lovely as are the bright and colourful illustration inside.
The Chocolate Lolly Maker includes everything you need to have a ‘Hoppy’ Easter – just melt, mould, wrap and before you know it you’ve got lots of scrumptious chocolate lollies to share with your friends and family! The set includes four different moulds a flower, heart, horse, and most importantly at this time of year - a rabbit! Perfect for creating your own chocolate Easter bunny lollies to give to friends and family.
We have been trying out a yummy snack that is perfect for people who like chocolate, but not a chocolate overload. Knoppers are a crisp baked wafer with milky hazelnut layers and a chocolate coating. They are perfect with a glass of milk after school or a mid-morning cup of tea. The multiple layers and textures are delicious and they are a really enjoyable snack that the whole family will love. They can be purchased individually for on the go snacking or in a pack of 4 for the treat cupboard. I have kept some of these aside for my neice for Easter, she isn't a massive chocolate fan and these are perfect for her.
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16 Years Down The Line

I've never really believed in love at first sight, I was hugely inexperienced when it came to boys. I was a quiet teenager and only had 1 serious boyfriend before I met you at 21. A skinny waif and a friend of a friend the attraction was instant. But being a quiet girl I kept my feelings to myself, but every time I saw you my stomach flipped. I didn't for a minute think you would be interested in me, I was under-confident, inexperienced in the whole dating thing. So when my friend told me you were interested, I was still to chicken to do anything about it. So where you it seems, it took half a bottle of Aftershock for you to make your move. From that night we were inseparable and have been apart for a total of 12 weeks in the past 16 years. Yes! I do mean we lived with each other from the very first night we got together. Sometimes in life, you have to be reckless and do what feels right. I was young, no kids, what did I have to lose? As it turns out I had absolutely nothing to lose, I gained a man who loves me unconditionally, tells me I'm beautiful, gave me 4 beautiful babies, is a pretty good housewife and an amazing Dad.

We've had our ups and downs in the past 16 years, it's not been plain sailing, people trying to break us up, we've lost family members, friends. It's not been a bed of roses, but that's life, it's not supposed to be perfect. My family initially didn't like you, you were no angel, but then neither was I. I was the good to your bad and you were the bad to my good, we just fitted. In 2004 we became a family when our beautiful boy was born. Little did we know how much he would flip our life upside down. Just before his brother was born in 2007 we found out he had autism. We have never heard of it and wondered what it meant for our little boy. I suppose we always knew he was different, but he was our first born and we had nothing to compare him to, so to us he was perfect. Until I met you I didn't want children, I was happy to coo and hand them back. After Mr L was born I knew I was born to be a Mum and we have 4 amazing kids. They are the perfect mix of us both, it's not been easy, 3 of them have autism, we don't let it define us as a family. We do things differently, it's not easy to do things all together as a 6, but we get on, we do things our way like we always have. In the past 16 years people have tried to advise us, tell us we should be doing things a certain way, they had good intentions. But we always do things our way, they might not be perfect but in our house, it works! Not always but on the whole, we can't complain.

We often get asked if we are married, when we say no we are asked why and when are we going to get married. Our answer is always the same, it's not for us. We are both from split families, we have seen families fall apart. We have a strong unit, we built it that way, strong support and good foundations. What difference would a piece of paper saying we are married make to that? NONE! If it ain't broke don't fix it. 

Anyway, that's quite enough of that, I don't normally do slop! But as today marks our 16th year anniversary I thought it only fair to tell everyone about Mr RTR, the man who taught me to love myself, care what no one says, be happy and live life the way you want to live. I probably don't tell him enough how much I love him, I think he knows I'm just as crazy about him now as I was 16 years ago. If you have someone who can still makes your heart skip a beat and your belly flip, grab them, build your foundations, make them strong and grow.
Love You David 

Being A Mum Is Pretty Awesome

The team over at The Old Church have sent me a lovely Mothers Day box filled with goodies to make me smile this Mothers Day. I can't wait to indulge in these treats. A Mum is something I never planned to be, it was never really on my agenda. I suspect this is because I never really had a serious relationship till I was much older, 21 in fact. I guess once in a serious relationship, that's when the thought of children comes up. You find the one and the idea of a family comes up and you just know whether is for you or not. I had always loved babies, there was a lot in my family growing up and I always loved caring for them, but never really saw myself having one. When Dave and I met, we knew instantly we wanted a family and I ended up being a Mum of 4!! 
My firstborn came along in 2004 when I was 23 and I took to motherhood really easily. I loved every minute of it and knew I wanted to have more kiddies and by 2011 I had 4 of the rugrats in tow. Our family is pretty full and my youngest 'baby' is now 7 years old. It's pretty awesome being a Mum, you are never lonely, even when you want to be! I mean going to the toilet by yourself is a thing of the past, just as you step in the shower someone needs a poo! You rarely get to drink a hot cup of tea, eat a hot meal or pee in peace! But the positives outweigh the negatives LOL. I'm never short of a cuddle, I have boxes of handmade cards and school pictures, they are totally priceless and far outweigh any gifts I have ever been bought ever. But the most awesome thing is seeing little bits of myself in the kids. My daughter has my attitude! My Mum warned me having a girl would be a challenge after 2 boys and she was right, she's a cheeky monkey. My 3 boys are all so different and I love their personalities. I think I am pretty lucky, 3 of the kids have autism and that presents challenges, but at the moment we are going through a pretty good stage at the moment. Everyone is calm and happy, I cherish moment like this, as life can be pretty hectic here most times. I think overall I am pretty lucky, I have 4 healthy and happy kids and being a Mum is pretty awesome!
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Little Live Bizzy Bubs

We are familiar with the Little Live brand and have previously tried the Little Live pets, a few years ago we even reviewed the Little Live Butterfly series 2 range. There is a new addition to the Little Live collection, the Little Live Bizzy Bubs, made by Moose toys and distributed by Character options as part of the growing Little Live collection.
Bizzy Bubs are on the go! These little bundles of joy are way too busy for bedtime! Full of life and personality they can’t wait to play and show you what they can do! The single pack babies are priced at £14.99 and the playsets £22.99. We received 2 of the babies to try out.
Bizzy Bubs crawling baby Poppy talks and cralws like a real baby, she makes some adorable baby sounds and she comes with a pacifier and a bottle. Bizzy Bubs walking baby Polly Petals walks and talks just like a real baby and also comes with her own colour coordinated bottle and pacifier.
You can turn the BUzzy Bubs on and off by the switch on their back or tummy and their play modes can be activated by pressing the special button. Each baby performs their own unique action when their button is pressed, they may even sing or dance for you! If you press their button 3 times quickly it tickles the baby and they will giggle for you. When you put the bottle in the baby's mouth you will hear the baby slurping and they may even give a cheeky burp or trump when they are done! The pacifier can be used to put your baby to sleep, once baby sucks on their pacifier they will be asleep until you take the pacifier out to wake her up.
The children really enjoyed playing with the Bizzy Bubs babies and it didn't take them long to figure out how to use them. They loved how interactive the babies were and they liked feeding them. Both of them decided to make Polly and Poppy have a  race to see who could get to the finish line quickest! Poppy was the winner!! We also like that the dolls babies have their own bio, this makes them collectable as each baby has their own personality. They 2 playsets available come with exclusive babies, so I can see these being added to our collection soon. Little Live Bizzy Bubs range are available to buy from Amazon, toy store and Character Options.
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