The A to Z of Autism - G is For

When Mr.L was diagnosed back in 2007 I didn't have a clue what Autism was or even what it meant, 8 years on and 2 more diagnoses its still a puzzle. I have been contemplating doing a blog series with all the words associated with Autism to help other parents and to maybe be a bit of a reference point. So say hello to the A to Z of Autism. Each week will be a different letter, last time was F is for and I got some fab inclusions from other autism parents. This time is G is for.........

Tina at MotherGeek Autism parenting is a constant guilt trip for me.... Was it something I did? Could I have done more? Should I be doing more? I need a break...
I can definitely relate to this, I also feel guilt from the constant juggle of balancing my 3 children's needs, they all need and want different things and there is only 2 of us to provide it. Someone is always missing out.

Gut instinct  
Joy at Pink Oddy -  As a parent you know your child best and when something isn't quite right, or the best way to handle something.
I definitely agree with this one, I knew Miss.S was on the spectrum, yet I was turned away at 2 different approaches, so I took her direct to one of Mr.L's psychology appointments for their opinion. They took 1 brief look at referred me to the relevant services.

Steph at Steph's 2 Girls - discussion around how the cause of autism isn't known? Bit contentious, though, you may want to avoid.
I think this is an interesting discussion piece, and people inevitably have different  opinions. We believe in our case it could be genetic, there is a strong family history and Mr. RTR is most definitely on the spectrum.

If there is one in your area go to it, if there isn't one then set one up. I think the support of other parents on the spectrum is invaluable. It's lovely having someone to talk to, or moan to and just someone who can relate. I personally stay away from Facebook groups (apart from 1) as they are a place of so many opinions, but I know of many people who use them and love them.

Do you have anything else you would add for G then just leave me a comment below? Make sure you come back in a fortnight for H is for.....

Sons, Sand & Sauvignon
  1. I love this series you are doing. I'd include 'G' for generalising. People with autism often have difficulty transferring either skills or speech to different situations. You can find out more about it here:


  2. What a lovely series G is for gratitude We are thankful of our decision to home educate our daughter with asd and pda and celebrated a year of doing what was right for her:

  3. Thanks -genetics issue really is a complicated debate
    As always very informative

  4. I'm glad you've decided to stay in one Facebook group :)

  5. Gut instinct is a really important one.

  6. Genetics for us as well. I'm defo on the spectrum but didn't realise until we had The Boy assessed. X #SpectrumSunday

  7. I really do love this series! Guilt is one i strongly relate to, I feel it all too often. Gut instinct too, I wish I'd have listened to my gut a lot more in the early days! Thank you for linking up to #spectrumsunday lovely, hope you join me again this week xx

  8. I think including Genetics in this blog is relevant. As many people do consider is there a genetic link. I think this may be due to fact that we heard and read that more boys are diagnosed with the condition, and also that some families have more than one child diagnosed with the condition. I suppose another reason may be because we hear of advances in the field of genetics via media etc regarding health etc.Thanks for all your information. Best Wishes. Please don't feel guilty. Parents love and care for their children, and we all can only do our Best.

    Rachel craig


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