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We love to sit down together and play a fun game, we aren't really the board game type, but we do love a  bit of an action game. Drumond Park offers a whole host of games for all ages and we have been sent 2 of them recently to review and giveaway. This month I am sharing with you what we thought about 1 of them.
Barbecue Party priced at £19.99 is suitable for ages 4+ and can be played by 2 -4 players. I like that it's an easy to follow game, as it means that all the children can play together and know what's going on in the game. There is no building up to be done when the game is fresh out of the box. You do need to stick the googly eyes on all the barbecue food though.
The aim of the game is to be the first person to get 4 cards with the matching pieces of food on them. The youngest player goes first. They turn over a card and the food that is on that card the have to pick up with the tongs and place on the barbecue. It's them the next players turn and they do the same, the barbecue can pop at any time and throw all of the food off.  If this happens you need to reset and start again. As the game progresses and the food is loaded the game element comes into play. When you turn over a food card you can add or remove that item from the grill. If you are removing that is when you get to keep that piece of food. You place it on top of the card and put to 1 side. Once you have 4 food items you have won!
The children loved playing this game and the element of surprise of when the barbecue will pop added to the excitement. The tongs are great for practising their motor skills and it states in the rules for younger players who can't manage the tongs that they can use their hands. My gang love the game, take a look at our YouTube clip.
Looks great doesn't it. would you love to have Barbecue Party for your brood to play with? Well you are in luck as I have another on offer for one of you lucky readers. For your chance to win, just fill in the widget below and read the terms & conditions before entering. Barbecue Party
Terms and Conditions
Open to UK Residents, competition closes Midnight 24th April , the first entry is mandatory, all others are optional. The more you enter, the more chance you have of winning! Winner will be drawn from all correct entries on the closing date and will have 28 days to claim their prize or a new winner will be drawn. The brand/PR is responsible for arranging delivery of your prize. I am in no way responsible for compensating or replacing missing prizes. Please do allow up to 28 days for delivery
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  1. great giveaway, would love to have for my kid:)

  2. gosh i missed this deal. I am looking to buy this game for my five year old.

  3. Great giveaway!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great deal for entertaining. thanks. I guess my kids would very like it.

  5. Nice. This is my first visit to your site. Hope to see more next time.


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