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It seems that the better weather is just around the corner, but the nights are still really cold. You can't beat being wrapped up on the sofa all toasty. The team at HeatHolders sent us some socks to make sure our feet stayed warm and toasty too.
Heat Holders are thermal socks which possess a 2.34 tog rating and have been produced using a unique three-stage knitting process. This means that their customers can be certain that wearing Heat Holders will keep their feet warm like no other sock has before. Heat Holders' reputation has grown tremendously, with over 10 million pairs sold worldwide so far, but their success wasn't achieved overnight. The creation of such an innovative and high-quality product took years of brain-storming, design and experimentation to get to where they are today.
The children's long leg striped socks are perfect for keeping my boys toes nice and warm. The long length also make then perfect for wearing under wellies. Available from size 9 up to a size 5 and half and with 6 colours to choose from. They are lovely and soft inside and guaranteed to keep your littles ones feet warm. You can get your own pair for only £5, which is a great price for a well made, long lasting sock.
Myself and the hubby were sent the HeatHolder lites to try out. Unlike the original HeatHolders these have a tog rating of 1.6, so they are ideal for the cooler Spring weather. They aren't as thick as the higher tog so are perfect for wearing under normal everyday shoes. I love how cosy they feel on my feet and I happily wear them around the house instead of my slippers. You can get these for men or woman in various sizes and colours priced at £5.99 per pair.
Thanks For Reading
*I was sent the above samples FOC for the purposes of review.
  1. Thank you for the review I may get for the other half who is a bus driver , he is out all day in the cold so these may help :)

  2. These seem perfect for a freezer like me.

  3. I didn't realise the made a lite version, I find the normal ones a bit too warm for wearing on normal winter days - but great for walks in wellies or similar

  4. I love heatholders - they are so cosy!


  5. Have to try them now Thanks for the review

  6. i have a hat and gloves they really do make all the differnce when its as cold as it is at the moment

  7. I had not heard of the Lite ones before. Will have to get. Their products are so soft

  8. I would like to try the socks.


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