Slimming World Week 26 Weigh In

My regular readers may have noticed there was no Slimming World weigh in post last week. I was away at the weekend and I had booked a holiday as I would be travelling home on weigh in day. I actually ended up being home in plenty of time for weigh in, but luckily I booked a holiday as I was sick. I visited Weatherspoons whilst away and I am suspect that I got food poisoning following my visit. I got really sick on the train home and was a bit off for 36 hours after.
I am sure I would have had a good result last week, I stuck to my meal plan and went to the gym 3 times. Whilst away I did have a few treats, but kept them all in balance and withing my daily calorie limit on My Fitness Pal. According to my Sisters scales I had lost 3lbs but you should always use the same scales for weigh-in!

On to this weeks weigh in..........

After being sick I found it difficult to be fully on the plan, when I am sick I tend to crave carbs really bad, so I had a few rounds of bread and butter with my soup! It always makes me feel better, I didn't even manage to get to the gym either! I also found out on Sunday that the porridge I eat every day is no longer a healthy extra choice and is actually 4.5 syns per packet!! So, all in all I wasn't looking forward to weigh in, but as I always do I went to accept my fate and as always stay for body magic.
I was quite surprised with the maintain result this week, I always say a maintain is better than a gain. But I know why I got the maintain and I am looking forward to a fresh new week. My maintain does mean that I won't be getting my 2.5 stone award this month, but as long as the numbers keep going down I'm not going to stress about how slow they come off.

I have my meal plan ready and plan to make at least 3 trips to the gym this week. I would like loss of 3lbs next weigh in to make a dent in the 7lbs I need to get to my 2.5 stone award.
This Weeks Result - maintain
Total Weight Loss - 2 stone
This Weeks Goal -  3lbs
Sim's Life
  1. Sorry to hear you've been sick - you have to cut yourself some slack some weeks when you're not feeling great so a maintain sounds good to me. You're well on your way to your next target so fingers crossed for next week :)

  2. Keep it going and keep the head up. I am stuck with knee ligament damage which is preventing me from doing my walking. I was maintaining and then suddenly dropped a bit without any sort of change. Can't believe porridge is a syn. How harsh.

  3. Oh no... sorry you were sick... Well done on maintaining though. :)

    Good luck with the coming week and thank you for joining in with #WeightLossWednesday


  4. I hope you are feeling fully well again now and yes to maintain is good. Mich x

  5. You are doing so incredibly well, this next week you will see a difference! It's always hard when you are ill, but it's also a way of your body telling you to just relax for a bit! Sad news about the porridge but hope you can still get your fix - not too sure on how many syns etc you are allowed a day - I've still not read up on SW yet! Hope you are having a fab week and feel much better now love - thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday and see you next week! Sim xx

  6. Sorry you've been poorly I hope you're back to full health now! I love porridge to help get me back into things, you're doing good keep up :)

  7. Heard so much about slimming world, thinking of giving it a go myself. Good luck with future weeks

  8. You are doing well! Definately better to maintain than to put on!


  9. Hope you are feeling better now. When I feel bad I always want the wrong foods too. Well done on maintaining x #WeightlossWednesday

  10. Lovely read, and well done, hope that you are feeling much better now x

  11. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. I always struggle with SW when I'm poorly. I crave food I wouldn't normally. Sent partner out for a chippy last time and scoffed the lot. I wrote it off and started on it when I felt better.

  12. I did SW for several years - sadly I put on more than I lost when I gave it up BUT when I was on it it did me very well and I lost over 6 stone. Looking back I think best tip is to keep varying your menu every few weeks.


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