Happy Birthday Mr L

To Mr L

Today you turned 12, and it still only feels like yesterday that I brought you home from the hospital. Yours wasn't an easy labour, a 3 day induction and you still had to be dragged out kicking and screaming. But I fell in love the moment I laid eyes on you. A fussy baby, you didn't like to be held, didn't sleep very well and seemed to prefer your own company. We were first-time parents so we didn't know any different, Your Nanna knew that there was something a little different about you, but to us your were just you. 
You turned 2 and started at a day nursery, due to your delayed speech, it was them who first threw around the word Autism. We didn't even know what it meant and even after a wave of appointments we were still none the wiser when you were diagnosed. We were sent on our way with a little pack labelled 'Your Child Had Autism' and left to learn.

It was you Mr L who turned us into the parents we are today, following you I had your 2 brothers and sister, because of you, their diagnosis of autism didn't seem such a big deal. You had taught us all we needed to know. It hasn't been an easy 12 years, but you have blossomed into a thoughtful caring boy. You started high school in September and you have taken to the change amazingly. You have less support than your used to but between us all we have made it work. You seem to be more mature with each passing day, you seem to be able to cope with things that little bit more. We still have our wobbly days, but who doesn't! Your Birthday has been how you like it, low key and no singing of Happy Birthday, it still freaks you out!!! SO we blew out your candles in silence as we always have done since you were 2 years old. I can't wait to see what the next 12 years hold and if you fulfil your dreams and wishes.

Happy Birthday beautiful boy, myself and Daddy are so proud of you

Love Mum
  1. Happy Birthday! 12 is a big birthday!

  2. Happy birthday! Such a wonderful post :)

  3. Lovely letter. You sound so peaceful and calm and loving; am sure all of that is what has got you all through the past 12 years :) x

  4. Belated Happy Birthday!!!

  5. happy 12th birthday. you are a nice family good luck.

  6. What a lovely post - a belated happy birthday!

  7. What a lovely post to read :) Happy Birthday Mr L :)


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