Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum Cleaner

You cant beat a bit of imaginative play when it comes to 4 year olds, they love nothing better than copying Mummy, even little boys love being Mummy's little helper. Casdon have the perfect range of toys to fuel your little ones imagination and we have been sent one for Mr C to have a play with.
The Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner which retails at £19.99 is a complete replica of the real thing, it even has working suction. It comes in 2 simple pieces that click easily together and when constructed stands at 63cms high, so its the perfect height for your little helper.
Mr C's eyes lit up when he saw it after school and he wasted no time putting it to the test. He loved that he could switch it on and watch the pieces fly around in the dust compartment. Thanks to the adjustable back wheel its free standing as well as reclined for use. The 'ball technology' even works the same and it glides around corners, just like the real thing.
Its nice and lightweight so Mr C was able to lift it up and down the stairs, my most hated job, he didn't seem to mind doing it though! Realistic role play is great for exploring imagination and developing social skills. The working suction is great for understanding cause and effect and the bright colours are a great visual stimulation, it really is eye catching. It has fast become Mr C's favourite toy and even Miss S who struggles imaginatively has been seen pushing it around. Take a look at the fab video off the vacuum in action.

The Dyson vacuum is the perfect addition to your imaginative play collection. Also in the range are the Henry & Hetty vacuums, ironing set, Hotpoint washing machine and lots more. You can see the full Little Helpers range here.
* We where sent the Dyson Ball Vacuum free of charge for the purposes of review.
  1. Looks great - love that it has real suction!



  2. Hi,

    My grandson loves to vacuum when I do. This vacuum looks just like my adult vacuum and he loves following me around with his. It actually picks up some stuff also. This is a good quality toy,!

    Robert Brown

  3. I bought this Vacuum Cleaner last year for my 5-yr-old girls and I was upset at how small it was for them. It's really cute and looks like a Dyson...but it's small. Really small. I would've bought for a small 4-yr-old or smaller.


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