Webbox Festive Dog Treats

This week Honey our Pugzu has been able to get in on the review action! We were sent a lovely box of Webbox treats for her from the new extended Christmas range. It contains all the things you could possibly need if you have a dog to buy for this Christmas.
The festive bites rrp £3 are turkey and bacon flavour, they are made from real meat and are wheat gluten free. The serving size for my dog is recommended at 3 a day and she weighs roughly 5kg, the larger the dog the bigger the serving. I love the festive bauble at just £2 and I am so putting it on the tree, it has 24 little milk bones in so it's going to be Honey's advent calendar. The festive chipolatas rrp £3 are made from fresh pork and the ideal treat for keeping the dog away from our Christmas dinner!
It's not Christmas without a bit of chocolate and why should the dog miss out! You can get them 2 of their own bars of non-toxic carob bars for just £1. The doggie deli pack is a great selection box for £4 it contains 4 different sealed packs of treats including pork strips and marbled beef bites.
Another Christmas fav in our house is pigs in blankets and this year we don't have to share ours with the dog because shes got her own. For a dog up to 10kg you can feed 4 pieces, Honey really liked these treats, she enjoyed the crunch of them. Honey is a lover of chomping chews so I knew she would love these turkey & cranberry chews, she's eaten half of the packet already if you check out our Youtube video at the end you will see her giving them a go!
If your dog likes wet food then Webbox haven't forgotten a treat for them with the three bird roast rrp £1 for their Christmas dinner is ready to go and its comes with some turkey kibble for a bit of a crunch. Of course, if your dog is larger and has a bigger appetite then the festive three bird roast is for them at just £1.29, it's a huge portion too! I've saved the best till last and the best is Christmas pudding rrp £2, its made from fresh chicken and even has some cranberries in there.
Now it wouldn't be Christmas without an actual gift for your pet, would it? The limited reindeer is limited edition and available in corduroy or plaid design for £5. The knitted bone is available in festive red and green and also priced at £5.
Honey has felt very spoilt indeed with all of these yummy treats, they are surely going to last her until Christmas! Make sure you check out our video and see us unboxing the treats as well as some footage of Honey enjoying some treats and having a tug of war!
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Ravensburger 3D Despicable Me 3 Puzzle Review

We love a bit of puzzling for a wind down before bedtime, there is something therapeutic about puzzle building. We were contacted and asked if we would like to try out some 3d puzzles from Ravensburger based on Despicable Me 3, the kids love all things minions so of course we said yes!
With the new 3D shapes from Ravensburger you can create fantastic room accessories in 3D! This amazing Pencil Holder features the minions from the new hit film Despicable Me 3. Piece together the 54 curved plastic pieces and create a fashionable accessory or pencil holder that will add an enchanting touch to any bedroom. Just complete the puzzle, attach the plastic accessories and use the hold to store pens, pencils, make up brushes and various odds and ends. The puzzle uses unique plastic pieces, which slot together to build a sturdy and strong pot and best of all no glue is required! Each puzzle piece is printed with a number on the reverse side, so you can either assemble the puzzle by eye, or by following the numbers on the back. This model makes an ideal room decoration that you can build on your own or as a family. The finished puzzle measures 10cm high when complete. Suitable for ages 7 years and up.
This storage box features the mischievous minions from the new hit movie Despicable Me 3. Piece together the 216 strong plastic pieces to create a storage box that will add an enchanting touch to any bedroom. Just complete the puzzle, attach the accessories - and you have a storage box that is ultra-practical with a moveable shelf! Use the box for anything you like - Jewellery, treasures, letters and bits and pieces! The finished puzzle measures 23 x 15 x 13cm when complete. Suitable for ages 9 years and up.
Dj really enjoyed the challenge of the 3d model as opposed to a regular puzzle, it was a bit more of a challenge for him. I think the numbered pieces are fab and the arrows on them really helped Dj with the building of the puzzle.
He found building the sets and he found it really simple to do. It only took about 10 minutes to build to pen pot. That was after sorting all the numbered tiles out, we found it easier to sort them onto numbered pules of 10, 20, 30 etc. The larger box took us about 20 minutes, we did have a little trouble getting the lid to sit right. This is purely just because it's a 3d puzzle and the pieces move, its slots in when you have all the pieces totally straight.
They are both perfect additons to the boy's bedroom and they look fab! Both are avaulbel from Ravensburger and Amazon. They would make the perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas.
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