Friday, 21 October 2016

It happens to us all - Honestly it does!

I have 4 children, 3 of them were natural deliveries and the final pregnancy ended in an emergency c section. I am the first to admit that my bladder isn't the same as it was, pregnancy and childbirth really take it out of you, especially your bladder! One of my babies weighed a whopping 9lb 7 ounces and it is since then that my bladder hasn't been right! There is no way I can bounce on a trampoline anymore and I dread having any kind of a cough.
My Whopping 9lb 7oz Baby Girl Miss S
There seems to be taboo to talk about bladder weakness and incontinence, but its something that most of us suffer from and are too embarrassed to talk about. I always remember after having Mr L the midwives banging home the reminder to do your pelvic floor exercises, I didn't pay much attention first time round and I was mortified when I had a coughing fit and peed myself. By the time I got to baby number 3 I as religiously doing them! Luckily your bladder is a muscle like any other, so exercise it and it can strengthen. Luckily for me aside from ruling out bouncing and having an awful cough, my bladder has managed to right itself. The last thing you want to do is carry around lots of changes of clothes and underwear in your handbag, so you could consider some discreet incontinence products. There is a range of products to suit no matter what type of bladder weakness you have. You can then carry on your day worry free of any little accidents that may happen.  I think it's important to remember our bodies are amazing and they go through a lot to carry our beautiful bundle, so if I leaky bladder is all I have to content with, then I will take that every time. Pregnancy-related incontinence is usually only temporary but there are things you can do to prevent it, do your pelvic floor exercises, keep weight gain minimum as the extra lbs put pressure on your bladder, avoid citrus, tomatoes, soft drinks and alcohol as they can irritate your bladder and lastly try and avoid constipation as the pressure of a full bowel can add pressure to your bladder. The most important thing to remember is it does happen to all of us at some point in our lives, don't be embarrassed about it!
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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The A-Z Of Autism - P Is For

When Mr L was diagnosed back in 2007 I didn't have a clue what Autism was or even what it meant, 8 years on and 2 more diagnoses its still a puzzle. I have been contemplating doing a blog series with all the words associated with Autism to help other parents and to maybe be a bit of a reference point. So say hello to the A to Z of Autism. Each week will be a different letter, last time was O is for and I got some fab inclusions from other autism parents. This time is P is For.....

PDA - Patholigcal Demand Avoidance - Suggested by Stephs Two Girls
Now PDA cannot be summarised into a few words, so Steph has kindly written a post all about PDA for the blog. So befire you continue go and read What Exactly Is PDA?

Professionals - Suggested By First Time Valley Mam
 I would have been lost with out my portage worker. Now in school his teacher and Lsa's are amazing!

Poo - Suggested By Ojos World
Sorry, but my son used to play with it, then he stopped. However he now hates going at all, so constantly leaks

Patience - Suggested By Brody, Me and GDD
Something we all need. And all lose. (Unless it's just me!)

Perseverate - Suggested By Rainbows Are Too Beautiful
The uncontrollable repetition of a word, phrase, or gesture, long after it's needed or used. E.g. Talking about a subject after the conversation has finished or in my Anthony's case getting anxiety about something in the past that is not longer a threat.

Perfectionist - Suggested By Faith Mummy
Sums up my daughter with asd!

Pee - Suggested By Conflab Corner
For some reason she still prefers to pee on the floor than in a toilet. Despite being completely toilet trained since she was 3.

Proud - Suggested By Autism With Lots Of Love And Affection

Panic -Suggested By Faith Mummy
When the iPad has no charge, they are sick and non verbal, you forget the nappies when out etc!

Persevere - Suggested By Loobes Life
Otherwise you are at the bottom of every list. First night of respite tonight. It can go two ways..... peaceful for us at home or the usual outpouring of stress! Fingers crossed!

Pedantic - Suggested By A Blog About Raising My Autistic Son
My son uses language very literally and expects everyone else to do the same - we have many conversations which seems to go round in circles like the one in this post. My daughter recently came across the word pedant for the first time and announced, "it's a description of E!"

Are there any other O's you can think of that could be added? If so do leave them all below in the comments. I will be back again soon with the next post, which will be P is for.......
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October Q and A Session

It's time for another question and answer session over on my Youtube channel. I had a whole array of questions asked this month. So as usual I have answered them, have a watch below.