Stay Cool Cookware From Stellar

We have slowly built up a nice collection of Stellar kitchen items and I am definitely a convert. Every item I have tried has been amazing quality, check out our electric wok review and our rocktanium. I have just been sent 2 more items from the epic range and the stay cool cookware collection. A 20cm stay cool draining saucepan and a 24cm stay cool draining casserole pot. Both are going to prove very useful as a family of 6 who likes to cook. Both have some great features, from stay cool handles to built-in drainage, so no more digging out the sieve!!
The built-in drainage vents are amazing, no need for a separate sieve to drain excess water out. The lids have a silicone around them so you can actually touch the lid to hold it on while you drain it. There is 2 vents dependant on what you're draining too.
Both of the pans have handy internal measuring guide, which is another ingenious time saver. The measure lines are actually inside the pans so you can fill them straight up from the tap. I am all for time-saving hacks as a busy Mum, so these pans are ticking all the right boxes so far!
The stay cool collection features a unique handle design that actually stays cool and directs all of the heat into the pan base to ensure efficient cooking. When you combine this with the silicone edged glass lids it seals in all the goodness when you're cooking making your food extra tasty. I love the silicone lid, the silicone runs around the whole lid which means it makes no noise when you put the lid on and off.
I noticed that the water for my noodles heated up so much quicker than my old pans, I think the fact they are stainless steel makes them more efficient. As the pans are stainless steel they are suitable for use on all cooking surfaces including induction hobs. They are also dishwasher safe.
I have used the pans to make pasta, noodles, soup, risotto and even meatballs. The pans are still in immaculate condition and wash incredibly well. As you can see from the below picture, I used the pan to cook risotto. I cooked the chicken in here with olive oil, sweated the rice out and left it to simmer for 20 minutes, I even melted the cheese in here. Absolutely nothing fazes these pans, you can see nothing is stuff to it at all.
It would prolong the life of the pans if you use nylon or wooden utensils when cooking. Metal ones would obviously scratch the insides. The pans do however come with a lifetime guarantee, so you know that you're getting quality. The Stellar Stay Cool cookware is available from Amazon with prices starting from around £16.
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Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit

 We were sent some fab Project Mc2 items for review, the Camryn Doll which I shared last week and this is the second review I am going to share with you. If you haven't heard of Project Mc2 then here is a little low down...Smart is the new cool with Project Mc2! The team of four super smart, seriously cool girls combine their love of science and spy skills to take on different missions for a secret organisation, NOV8 (that’s “innovate”!). Real girls with real skills who are ready to take on anything! 
The Project Mc2 Lab Kit is the first step to becoming a cool agent just like the girls.The kit appears to be an oversized lab bag but unzips to reveal the ultimate collection of science apparatus and fun! Take it to a friend’s house to impress them with your experiments. All you need to add are household items to make chemical reactions. The real working microscope provides endless hours of discovery so the fun doesn’t have to stop after the experiments. Once you’ve mastered the experiments included head over to to discover more.
As well as a real working microscope there are over 30 pieces including test tubes, a funnel, beaker, pH strips, a pipette, petri dish, safety goggles and a Project Mc2 ring. You can over 15 experiments from the included booklet and create some of your own!
I love that all the pieces are housed in the bag, it means less chance of us losing bits and pieces. We really enjoyed conducting our own experiments using simple household items we all have in the cupboard. 
The microscope has provided hours of fun, the kids have loved picking up random objects from the garden and looking at them close up using the microscope. It's a great way to introduce the kids to science in a fun way. They want to head out to the park next week and collect some items to look at more closely.
This kit is a must for Project Mc2 fan, its bound to spark their interest and is the perfect accompaniment if you already own some of the experiment dolls. The Ultimate lab kit is available from most good toy shops and retails at £49.99.
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